Your eating habits say a lot about your personality traits

Every aspect of your life, as well as every decision you make, reflects various traits of your individuality. If you’re eager to discover personality traits you don’t know about, don’t wait to take the quiz below that shows how eating habits reveal personality. It’s up to you now!

From the choice of your shoes and clothes to the way you communicate and react, any aspect of your private life can say a lot about your personality traits. Likewise, the way you eat can reveal secrets of your individuality.

People who take their time

If you are one of the people who eats calmly as slowly as possible, you don’t do anything in a hurry and you prefer to enjoy the tastes of your meals. You like to take care of everything and master every situation in your life.

People who eat slowly

People who eat fast

Unlike people who eat slowly, this type of people are very ambitious and impatient. They are always in a hurry and do several things at the same time. However, these people tend to forget to take time for themselves.

Those who like to taste new foods

People who are always looking for something new that will surprise their palate love adventures. Yet they are prone to anxiety and neuroticism.

adventurous people

try new foods and exotic tastes

People who focus on organizing their plates well

If you take the time to properly organize your plate, separating the food, you are very careful and detail-oriented by nature. You need order and organization in your life.

Eating habits and personality

Spicy taste

If you like tangy taste, you are an adventurous person. Researchers have found that people who enjoy spicy foods are adrenaline junkies who are constantly seeking intense new experiences.

Those who like the spicy taste

behavior and eating habits person who eats fast

Sweet and sour taste

In general, sweet treats are considered comfort foods, while people crave acidic foods when they are restless or anxious. If you constantly crave a sweet and sour taste, it might indicate that you easily get overwhelmed, but you are also good at bringing balance back into your life.

exotic foods

Tasting exotic foods is a unique experience. Seeking out and trying exotic or rare foods means you’re a person who enjoys a challenge and learning new things, experts say. What’s more, it indicates an innate curiosity about other cultures and cuisines.

Taste exotic foods

French eating habits


Pizza is at the top of many people’s list of favorite foods. Indeed, you cannot resist pizza, because according to studies, it is the most addictive food. But if you like cheese and crust, that’s also a sign you might be outgoing, experts say. Pizza is the quintessential party food — convenient, inexpensive, and large enough to fill multiple people — making it a go-to dish for people who like to be around lots of people.

Pizza tops the list of favorite foods

food and personality people who love pizza

Grilled foods

There’s something primitive about eating a good grilled steak and some people love that feeling. According to experts, people who prefer meat to vegetables are serious and have an attitude of active go-getter.


Sushi is portable, convenient and delicious, but not everyone’s obvious choice for an on-the-go snack. If you’re a people who prefer to grab a serving of sushi in a hurry, that means you’re a sophisticated person and open to a wide variety of experiences.


If you always carry a cup of coffee and can’t imagine your day without your favorite drink, you have a type A personality. You are highly competitive, impatient, and work under constant stress. However, you are very organized, ambitious and you know how to handle many tasks at the same time.

heavy coffee drinkers

person who is always stressed and wears his coffee

Diet and personality

According to studies, eating habits and personality are linked. Thus, hostility and the tendency to anxiety are associated with a greater probability of continuing to eat once full. In contrast, sociability and low impulsivity are linked to better control of calorie intake and body weight.

Diet and personality

people who eat slowly and enjoy food

plant food and personality traits

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