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The daily routine of married women for body care

Every woman wants to take care of herself and take care of her beauty and appearance, but in light of the responsibilities of daily life and the demands of family and children, some wives forget to adhere to a daily routine for personal care, today we share with you the schedule of women’s self-care, to make it easier for you to take care of your beauty and appearance through simple and practical steps that suit mothers and working women.

Women’s self-care table

A woman’s interest in herself comes primarily from her psychological condition and then her marital and family life, because a woman’s interest in her beauty makes her feel her femininity and her desire for life, and improves her mood, and thus all of this is reflected in her relationship with her life partner, hence the importance of establishing a daily routine for married women to take care of by the body.

Body care Personal care for the body starts with removing excess hair to cleaning, moisturizing and perfuming: Make sure to remove excess hair first using the appropriate method for you. Before removing the excess hair, do a Moroccan bath or a natural body scrub, to get rid of the appearance of hair under the skin and also from the dead skin.


Use a natural body

Lotion with shea butter, or you can use our baby body oil after bathing to get the ultimate hydration for your body. Bathing daily in the summer, and day after day in the winter will avoid bad body odor. Use deodorant and aromatherapy body creams. B national work Moroccan bath and bath and mud masks body moisturizers every two weeks for three weeks, to get rid go of the dead skin layer.
Information about the body care group

We will show you some information related to the body and skincare group, which leads to healthy, fresh skin free from defects and problems, and this information is represented in the following:

  • Women use the body care kit after showering and during it to get soft and healthy skin.
  • There are many types of body care ranges produced by companies to be suitable for all skin types.
  • These products or groups are a face wash and serum
  • Also, moisturizer and eye cream, and some companies provide sunscreen in the kit.
  • Also, these sets are made of the best and finest materials so that the skin of your body is not affected and negatively affected.

Types of body care products

  • The Tata Harper range contains 6 products that women use in caring for their skin and body.
  • The Tata Harper skin and body care set contains a moisturizing face cream, a face serum, an oil that helps to moisturize and care for the skin, as well as a powerful and broad-spectrum wash.
  • The set also includes a purifying cream that is used to care for the area around the eyes and the entire skin.
  • The Tata Harbor body care range for individuals is one of the best-selling body care products in the market due to the quality of its products.
  • This set is available in the market for $108.
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skin serum

  • All women should be interested in purchasing a body and skincare set that contains a face serum because it works to get rid of dead and damaged cells in the skin, and also works to moisturize it.
  • Face serum is one of the most popular skincare products that can penetrate all layers of the skin, making it a broad-spectrum skincare product.


  • The body care kit should contain a sunscreen that protects the skin of the individuals from the strong rays of the sun.
  • Sunscreen treats all pigmentation in the skin and has a role in restoring the natural color of the skin.
  • Some types of protective creams have a role in treating aging and the lines that appear with it on the face.

Body care routine: resort to masks or peeling sessions at least once a week

Dry brushing is indeed an essential part of your skincare routine, but that doesn’t mean it’s a substitute for exfoliation. At least once a week, you should remove the surface layer on the skin, in which all toxins accumulate, which leads to the occurrence of pimples, oily grains, blackheads, and other problems in the body. Refer to peeling sessions in a specialized beauty center or apply home peeling masks. It is worth noting that this step is very important to whiten the skin.

Body care routine: sun exposure 

The sun’s rays provide the skin with vitamin C, which works to give it radiance and freshness. You will feel that your skin has become softer and more lustrous. Do not overexpose yourself to strong sunlight, so that dark spots do not appear on the body. If you have sensitive skin, apply sunscreen to some areas of the body, such as the chest and neck. 

Body Care Routine: Collagen Replenishment

Collagen is one of the most needed components of your whole-body skincare routine. To get light-colored, moist, smooth, and young skin, make sure to either use body creams that contain collagen or take collagen powder by mixing it with juices. Twice a week is enough to enjoy the skin you want.

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