Will the US Supreme Court further relax the law on carrying firearms?

Will carrying a gun soon be easier in a number of US states? It is quite possible, according to The New York Times : The Supreme Court is due to rule this month on a New York state law regulating the carrying of handguns.

The nation’s highest court will rule as the United States has been shocked in quick succession by two high-profile mass shootings, one racist, in Buffalo, New York, and the other in an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Negotiations are underway in the Senate on a set of measures “which could include the first significant gun restrictions in thirty years at the federal level”, Explain The Washington Post, even if they are unlikely to succeed quickly.

At the same time, the Supreme Court could push the country the other way. November’s hearing on the New York State law suggested it would be “presumably invalidated”. This text prohibits the carrying of visible weapons and imposes a permit to carry a concealed weapon, which can only be obtained with a “Valid reason”. If it lapses, “it could become much easier to carry a handgun in the state, which officials say risks fueling violence in cities already struggling with a two-year spike in crime,” highlighted The New York Times.

Authorities from New York State ready to adapt

This is also feared by Chanelle Anderson, mediator for the BronxConnect association:

“If they legalize guns, it will help destroy our neighborhoods even more.”

Half of the states in the country have already authorized the carrying of firearms without a license. “The majority of their laws have been passed in the last ten years”, specifies the daily.

The more watchful states, which have laws similar to New York State, such as “California, Connecticut, Maryland or Massachusetts”, will probably have to adapt. In New York State, authorities are already preparing to pass new legislation drafted based on the Supreme Court’s verdict.

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