why was Musk close to Trump during his tenure?

Elon Musk weighs 219 billion dollars and on April 26, he offered Twitter, the social network of 436 million users and as many opinions for the modest sum of 44 billion dollars for 100% of the shares.

When you are the richest man on the planet, “He is the first to exceed the 200 billion dollar mark”, according to the magazine Forbes. He stole first place from Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon this year – we do not refuse anything. “Elon Musk loves Twitter, he is a compulsive user. Thanks to Twitter, he built a direct proximity link with his fans, with the people who follow him”, begins Olivier Lascar, editor-in-chief of the digital division at Science and Future – research

It abolished the classic use of traditional media, radio, print, etc. He does like trump ultimatelywhich, with its community which was of the same order of magnitude, about 80 million people, it has the direct link with the people who follow it”, continues the author ofInvestigation of Elon Musk, the man who defies science which will be released on June 9th.

“We are afraid that Twitter will become a true digital Far West, why?” asks Flavie Flament at the microphone of D-Day. “We are right because one of the reasons that Elon Musk puts forward for this takeover of Twitter is to say that he wants to make it a place where freedom of speech will develop in its most extreme conception. He wants to abolish everything that is of the order of moderation“, analyzes Olivier Lascar.

A common point between Musk and Trump: the Moon

And what about “political sympathy of Elon Musk? Because we just said that Twitter is a network of influence. He is rather close to Donald Trump”, continues Flavie Flament in D-Day. “Elon Musk is a conservative. He was close to trump during his tenure, I would say for somewhat opportunistic reasons because Donald Trump and Elon Musk had the same interest which can be said very easily: it’s the return to the Moon”, replies Olivier Lascar.

“Because NASA has been planning to send astronauts back to the moon for years, but the scenario was a bit off. long term (…) and faced with this scenario which was well advanced, Trump banged his fist on the table saying: ‘What I want is people on the Moon’, because obviously politically, he wanted to be during his second term, The President Who Returns Americans to the Moon“, also details editor-in-chief of the digital division at Science and Future – research.

“However, by pushing this scenario, he served Elon Musk who is also in a very very strong special scenario because space colonization project worn by Musk is really at the heart of his goal and his dream”, adds Olivier Lascar.

Musk goes where it helps his business

Olivier Lascar

“So Trump and Musk both got together to common reasons and apparently, they also find themselves in the field of ideas”, summarizes Flavie Flament. “It’s true, Musk seems to be advancing without taboos and without moods like Trump did. But, I would sayyou don’t have to classify Musk strictly in the same movement as Trump”, argues Olivier Lascar.

“Musk is much more complex than that. He said he was a very strong supporter of Obama when he was president of the United States. Today, with Biden, it’s polar atmosphere, they can’t feel (…) so I would say that we are less in ideology than in a kind of opportunism or industrial pragmatism. Musk goes where it gets his business going.” he concludes.

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