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The great White Sands National Park in New Mexico (USA) is a mountain-like desert with its white sand. It attracts many visitors and is a source of inspiration for photographers.

Is it from snow or sand? A mixture of Sahara and Antarctica. White Sands is a white sand national park located in New Mexico (USA). Its white sand is so sparkling that it reflects the heat of the sun. “It looks like powdered sugar. It’s not as fine as flour, but finer than beach sand”says Aileen Carol, former park tidy.

Craig Varjabedian is a professional photographer and passionate about White Sands. He has written several books about this park and never gets tired of it. “For me, it’s sometimes effort, but it’s really worth it”testifies the photographer. The White Sands Missile Testing Range is open to the public twice a year. It was here that in 1945, the US military detonated the first atomic bomb in history. The Army had considered choosing to do the test on an island in California, but ultimately chose White Sands.

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