While his father is in the toilet, his child leaves a message on the restaurant bill!

Everyone has their own way of raising their children, but some young people can lose control! A surprising message at the restaurant.

It’s the story of a four-year-old boy who took advantage of his father’s absence to wreak havoc in a restaurant. It’s a very unusual story.

The story takes place in the Woodland Creatures restaurant and bar in Leith, Scotland. As an employee was serving a family a plate of vegetarian roast meat, the family saw a note. In fact, the note had been written on the bill by a 4-year-old boy. The child had taken advantage of the fact that his father had gone to the bathroom for a few moments to write a message. The employee in question agreed to give an interview on this subject. When leaving the family, he found the little boy’s message on the table: “Dad is at work”.

Internet users amused

The restaurant employee decided to share this photo on the networks. Many people laughed at the image because they found it funny. Some even tagged the post to friends, with a little wink.

According to the British media that reported the story, he is not the only child with such an imagination. Children rarely miss an opportunity to get their message across to those who want to hear it. There are other anecdotes of this kind in previous years.

Tasty anecdotes

A little girl called Georgie enjoyed her meal so much during a visit to the Italian restaurant Castello in Yeovil that she wanted to please them. Writing a message on a napkin, she wrote: “To the waitresses and waiters, thank you for being so lovely and providing us with your delicious food! “.

“I loved my spaghetti (I think that’s how it’s spelled), you guys are so nice and definitely get a 5 star rating from me! With all my love, Georgie (the little blond girl)”.

She then thanked them for the lollipop they gave her, and added an arrow to the money her mother had left on the table, saying, “That’s the tip.” Today, in the era of social networks, unusual stories spread very quickly and some of them create buzz.

Today, some restaurants even invite influencers to their establishment to create buzz. The visibility of restaurants on social networks has become essential. Indeed, many customers consult the net before choosing the restaurant they will attend. Moreover, more and more restaurateurs are using reservation platforms to help customers decide on a restaurant.


Restaurants on social networks

Restaurant owners are very concerned about negative reviews on social media and sites like Tripadvisor. Some people sometimes put negative ratings and derogatory comments. It’s quite annoying for restaurateurs who can see their traffic drop due to bad buzz.


It is therefore necessary to be very careful to avoid a misstep. Often, restaurateurs advise customers to come forward if they have a bad experience so that the trend can be reversed. Most restaurants have a social media page. Instagram has become an essential tool for posting photos of the restaurant but also of the food. The photos are sometimes very neat.

It is a showcase for the restaurant which hopes to attract as many customers as possible. It is an important economic issue. Especially since many restaurateurs have suffered because of the health crisis. Indeed, with the periods of confinement, the restaurants had to close their doors for many weeks. This represented a huge shortfall. Fortunately, in France, professionals have received aid that has enabled them to cope with this crisis.

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