Which food products have increased the most?

According to a note just published by the World Bank, food and energy should remain at “historically high prices for several years”. If we know that this increase is the result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which have disrupted supply chains around the world, what will be the consequences for our wallet?

“Boosted” popularity in times of conflict

A recent INSEE study (data from March 2022) establishes that the price of food products has increased by 3.4% over one year in France. This value obviously represents an average and the prices of certain foods have literally exploded. This is the case for commonly consumed products such as fish, meat, products made from durum wheat (pasta, couscous) and fruit and vegetables, whose increases range from 6% to… more than 20%!

The main factors contributing to this price development are the cost of energy raw materials and fertilizers. Greenhouse crops, which are rather energy-intensive, are thus particularly impacted by the gas outbreak. This can be seen with tomatoes, for example, the price of which has increased by almost 24% compared to last year (9% since January 2022).

Discover other food price increases in France in the infographic below.

This graph shows the evolution of the average price of a selection of food products in France, between March 2021 and 2022 (in %) – Statista 2022

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