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What Type Of Clothes Make The Women Stylish| Types of clothing styles for women

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The style of dress differs from one person to another according to his taste or the environment in which he lives, and before talking about how to choose the best type of dress, we must talk about the most famous and well-known types of fashion, of which we mention the following.

Casual dress style (informal dress): Or what is called a casual dress, which is the outfit that depends on comfortable clothes, such as applying jeans or a skirt with a cotton blouse and sports shoes, or wide dresses with loafers and without exaggerating the accessories.

Dressy casual dress style (sport-chic): This dress relies on elegance more than casual by coordinating jeans and shirts with high heels or sandals. In this look, the formal jacket can be applied with jeans or fabric paints, and complete this look with some soft accessories.

Business casual dress style (daily workwear): This type of dress is used in daily work that does not require formality by merging casual dress with formal, as it depends on either jeans with a formal jacket or fabric pants with a shirt or even the choice of pants Fabric with a formal jacket in a different color.

Formal occasion clothes (business formal): Formal dress depends on the full formal suit, a solid-colored shirt, and heels, and this style is adopted in job interviews or business and office professions, such as law firms, for example.

How do you choose occasion clothes?

Wearing clothes is an art through which we express ourselves in daily life or on various social occasions. Despite the multiplicity and different tastes, social occasions have specific types of clothing that suit them and it is better to adhere to them. The following are the most important social occasions and the types of clothing that suit them:

Clothes for engagement or wedding: Marriage and engagement parties are one of the happiest moments in our lives, so everyone is keen to have the best possible appearance, and it is one of the occasions that women consider an opportunity to express their femininity and beauty, and the best option for this is to wear knee-length or slightly shorter dresses with heels High and long dresses with side flats can be worn, and in both cases, it is preferable to stay away from the white color, which is considered special for the bride on her wedding night. Jeans for these occasions.

The right dress for the dinner party: The dinner party can be formal or informal. If the dinner is formal, a black knee-length dress or a tight skirt with a shirt and high heels is an ideal choice. If the dinner is informal and with friends, a casual-chic dress is very appropriate. You can choose jumpsuits with high heels, fabric pants with a shirt with lace sleeves, or dresses in light and nude colors such as beige and rose.

The right dress for a romantic dinner: Classic dresses do not lose their elegance and attractiveness on these occasions, the classic narrow dress with different cuts of sleeves can give an attractive look, the red dress in its various shades is very suitable for this occasion and all skin colors.

The right dress for a business dinner: The right dress gives the person great self-confidence and the ability to speak and express ideas fluently, and this is what the person needs during job interviews. White or black narrow skirt slightly below the knee with a beautiful blouse in a neutral color, transparent stockings must be worn under the skirt during work-related occasions or even in daily work hours, even if the season is summer.

Appropriate dress for a work meeting: The outward appearance during the job interview can affect the person’s assessment, negatively or positively. The clothes express the personality, temperament, and seriousness of the individual. The formal dress for women is the appropriate dress for the first work meeting because it gives the character of seriousness and professionalism. It is preferable to stay away from dresses or short skirts or open clothes, jeans and sports shoes, and as much as possible the wearing of bulky accessories, and closed shoes with a medium heel for women should be worn.

The appropriate dress for mourning: Traditionally black color and the nature of modest dress express mourning and sadness, so it is preferable to wear a black long-sleeved blouse or shirt modest at the chest area and black pants or a classic black skirt of appropriate length with black stockings and black shoes with short or without heels and to abandon the situation Any kind of accessory except for the engagement or wedding ring.

How to choose the right clothes for the body

It is not enough to choose a type of clothing that is appropriate to the place, but the dress must also be suitable for the shape of the body and focus on the beautiful areas of the body and hide its flaws through the following.

Choosing the right wedding dress for the body shape: Floor-length dresses are a suitable option for women of tall stature. If you have beautiful legs that can be highlighted through the side flat of the dress or if you have a slim waist, the long, narrow dress that takes the shape of the body is very suitable, and if You have long legs but full, the long, flowy, layered dress makes you look slim.
As for short women, it is possible to choose short, fluffy dresses with a belt directly below the chest area, this gives an illusion of the length of the legs, and the high heels can give a beautiful length and a slender body.

Choosing a dress for a romantic dinner that is suitable for the body shape: It is preferable to choose clothes with open cuts in the chest area if the chest size is medium, but if the chest size is large, it is preferable to choose the story that covers this area and stay away from dresses that contain a belt under the chest because it increases its size Or choose short dresses with long sleeves, it is preferable not to choose very short dresses that are exposed in the chest area and choose one of them so as not to fall into the trap of vulgarity.

Formal occasion clothes suitable for the body shape: For tall women, you can choose the fabric pants with a straight cut or the Charleston pants, it is advised to stay away from the high-waisted pants because they make the body look inconsistent and increase the length of the legs, while the short ones can choose the fabric pants with longitudinal lines that increase the length of the body, or pants with a narrow cut from the bottom and the same applies to jumpsuits.

Coordinating the colors of clothes for occasions

There are some rules in choosing colors for clothes. Light and delicate colors should be worn for work and brighter colors should be chosen for casual outings as formal occasions require darker colors:

The right color for weddings: All colors are suitable for these parties and the choice depends on the type of look that the woman likes to appear in, as dark colors give a charming and mysterious look, while cold colors such as violet, green and blue look full of activity and vitality, while warm colors such as orange, red and yellow give a feminine look And the golden color is considered a royal color that gives luxury, and for pastel colors such as the color of light rose, it gives a romantic and soft look.

Colors for a dress for romantic occasions: Red is considered one of the colors that give great attraction, as well as the indigo color gives a bold look. It is preferable to stay away from bright colors and neon colors.

Colors of clothes for family occasions: It is preferable to choose cheerful colors on family occasions, such as yellow, orange, and rose, as they give a joyful and warm look and are suitable for such an atmosphere.

Colors of job interview clothes: Job interviews need a color that gives strength and confidence, and black and dark gray are suitable for this purpose.

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