What Should Be Your Life Style To Live A Happy Life: 9 Tips To Live A Happy Life.

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What Should Be Your Life Style To Live A Happy Life: 9 Tips To Live A Happy Life.

Before you learn how to live a happy life, know that routinely kills happiness, so how do you renew your life so that you do not feel bored and that your life is by your choice only you determine it, so how do you live a happy life. God created man to live on earth, he is a living being and every living creature that breathes has a role in this world and has a value whatever it is, otherwise, he would become like the dead. Otherwise, imagine your life and your decisions and discover in which way you are, and what you want from this life, and try to achieve what you want, this will certainly bring you happiness and you will live a happy life.

The term “lifestyle: lifestyle” is often used around us, and it is closely related to its use with a healthy lifestyle. But what does “lifestyle” mean?

It means lifestyle, lifestyle, or lifestyle, and we mean by it: how an individual or group of individuals (a society) behaves in a habitual or daily manner in his social, psychological, health, and economic life, and accordingly, it differs from one individual to another, and from one society to another.

What are the factors that affect the lifestyle or lifestyle of an individual?

There is no doubt that an individual’s lifestyle is affected by many factors that shape his vision of himself and his vision of how others perceive him, and thus how he should behave in his daily life as usual.

Among those factors: are the individual’s motives and needs, his previous experiences, the culture surrounding the individual, the role of the family, the social class in which the individual lives, and others, where these factors combine to determine the individual’s usual behavior in his work, leisure activities, values, opinions, and the way he obtains his income (That is, in determining his lifestyle).

Why is the term “lifestyle” so closely associated with “Healthy lifestyle”?

A lifestyle reformer is often associated with a helsey lifestyle or healthy lifestyle. Because health is an important component that affects and is affected by your lifestyle or lifestyle. A sick person lags behind the lifestyle and behavior of a healthy person. A person is greatly affected by his health, and this affects his work, decisions, trends, and daily life.

How does your lifestyle affect your health?

Where the individual has become surrounded by many lifestyles that affect the health of the individual, including smoking, drinking alcohol, consuming drugs or unhealthy foods leads to many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, brain problems, and others, and some of these bad lifestyles may lead to death. Also, continuous exposure to technology for long periods may lead to many diseases, including sleep disorders and depression.

Also, among the bad behavior patterns that may threaten the life of the individual is the frequent use of drugs without referring to the doctor or reusing them or prescribing many drugs, all of these behavior patterns may lead to the death of the individual.

On the other hand, many patterns of behavior lead to a better life, including regular exercise that increases the happiness of the individual and reduces stress and psychological disorders, getting used to reading continuously reduces the possibility of infection with some diseases such as Alzheimer’s, going out for leisure periodically and meditating on Nature reduces the possibility of mental illness and reduces life pressures.

Following a healthy diet in eating meals reduces the possibility of human disease and laziness, as well as sleeping for sufficient periods during the night and waking up early makes you think better because the hormone serotonin (the hormone of happiness) is in the best Time for him in the morning and he helps us better make tough decisions9 tips to live a happy life

I know that routinely kills happiness, so how do you renew your life so that you do not feel bored and live a happy life.

  1. Take care of something new. If you do not know a specific game to learn, if you do not like reading, try to buy a book and read it. Also, try to master something you did not know in your work and be distinguished by it.
  2. Try something new and ask your friend about things he does that you don’t know, learn from him and try them.
  3. It is important to know well how to overcome the routine of your life, so always try to renew it by testing something new and trying to do it.
  4. Remember the good days and forget the bad days. Try to forget everything difficult by remembering your good days.
  5. You should not think of people who left you, but think of people who were with you.
  6. Do not think about obstacles, but think about how to overcome them, try to make everything that is bad good, and this is by thinking about the good always and forever.
  7. Try to find time for rest. Rest has a great positive, especially if you make it to spend the happy days that you have planned and dreamed of. Try to plan your days and your future so that you know the way to go to it.
  8. Always try to get over yourself who is trying to make you desperate.
  9. Be optimistic and radiant about life, for life must take advantage of everything ugly and beautiful, and treat it to live a happy life and be happy.

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