What is Rollon, this new pub-restaurant on rue du Gros-Horloge in Rouen?

For several days, you can stop at the Rollon pub-restaurant, rue du Gros-Horloge in Rouen. (©JB/76news)

Since the end of April 2022, the many passers-by of rue du Gros-Horloge in Rouen could see the change. A new pub-restaurant has just opened there, instead of Pauland (for once) it’s not a fast-food chain! Rollon is a local brand that aims to invent street-food with Norman sauce.

“A somewhat chauvinistic proposal”

Behind the Rollon brand, there are two well-known local entrepreneurs: Fabrice Antoncic, who launched the Luval brand of bakeries, and Pierre-Marie Soulat, from the Ragnar brewery.

“We found ourselves on our philosophy of promoting the local, of being actors for our territory”, summarizes Pierre-Marie. “Rollon is the synergy of two actors who come together for a somewhat chauvinistic proposition! »

Rollon’s idea is therefore to be a pub that will offer local beersthose of Ragnar, and a catering offer that is as local as possible. “For example, we have seen the Bretons take over the galette to make it a somewhat trendy street-food product. And we said to ourselves that in Normandy, we had not yet succeeded in doing that”, continues Pierre-Marie who aims to launch “a kind of Norman ‘fast-good'”.

The burger with Norman sauce!

We will therefore find on the plates (when the catering part will be open in a few days) burgers revisited with Norman sauce. “Local bread, brioche, smoked, very very good, made with Normandy flour, meat and local potatoes, when possible, Norman cheeses and not just Camembert, but also, for example, Tomme de Bray, and of course apples,” Pierre-Marie lists. Le Rollon will also offer boards.

In terms of drinks, in addition to beers, you can find soft drinks, including some local ones such as Mimouna lemonade, cocktails “Normanized” by a mixologist from Rouen, coffee roasted in Fecamp and of course cider. Price level, count from 7 euros per pint of beer, and around 9 euros for cocktails.

On the decorative side, here we mix raw wood, trendy lighting and a very beautiful fresco representing a kraken by the local artist InkOj.

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The sign, ideally placed, is likely to quickly find its audience. The two entrepreneurs do not forbid themselves, if they are successful, from opening other Rollons, in Normandy of course!

The fresco made by InkOj to take off the Rollon.
The fresco made by InkOj to take off the Rollon.

Practical information :
Rollon, 18 rue du Gros Horloge in Rouen. Open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. to 12:30 a.m. (Wednesday to Saturday) and 11:30 p.m. (Sunday to Tuesday).

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