What does a cat that follows you everywhere mean?

Having a cat as a pet also means having the assurance that you will never really be bored. Because the very nature of felines is intriguing. We rarely manage to identify them. You may have noticed that your kitten has very unpredictable moods. As much as he can isolate himself in his corner and give the impression of sulking, he can suddenly become very affectionate and never let go of you. Among the cat’s many “strange” habits is following you around. But why is he behaving like this?

Certainly, your tomcat has many qualities: he cleans himself, he is very independent, he knows how to relax you, he likes to curl up in your arms to prove his affection to you… Of course, he also has a great character and a strong temper. But, many cat owners still spend their time wondering about certain strange behaviors that they cannot explain. Take, for example, why does he sometimes tend to watch you with his piercing gaze and follow you everywhere? No, this attitude is not trivial. If you observe it well, you will surely be able to better understand your tomcat. To guide you, here are already 7 reasons that can decipher its behavior.

1. He is curious to see what you are doing

curious cat

A curious cat – Source: spm

Your cat may just be watching you out of curiosity. He wonders where you’re going, what you’re going to do, and why you didn’t invite him to join you. You should know that cats are very curious creatures: some will reveal their curiosity with modesty and shyness, while others will be more cheeky, even going so far as to jump on the table to taste on your plate.

2. He is hungry

hungry cat

A hungry cat – Source: spm

Maybe your kitten has a little peckish? So if he follows you everywhere, he’s just trying to explain to you that he’s hungry. He follows you closely in the hope of attracting your attention so that you offer him food. In this case, it’s best to make sure your cat has constant access to food.

3. He considers you his property.

Did you think you adopted him? and if it was the opposite? Like real predators, they guard their territory. For little cats, you are his property, as much as the house and certain things. If he follows you everywhere, it’s mainly to protect you!

4. He feels safe around you.

Following its owner is also a sign of anxiety: perhaps your kitten is afraid of other animals in the area. Being in close proximity to his master will immediately reassure him. It’s his way of feeling completely safe. This habit can also be associated with childhood, when the little kitten followed its mother everywhere, as a symbol of protection. Interesting fact: a study conducted by scientists claims that cats perceive their owners as their parents.

5. He follows his instincts

Like all felines, cats are first and foremost hunters, and even though they live in an apartment and don’t need to hunt, that doesn’t stop them from showing their instincts. For example, when you change clothes, the cat instinctively follows you, as if you were prey. It also explains the times when he jumps on you without warning and tries to bite your ankles. It is not recommended to scold him at this time, because in many cases the only thing moving in the house is you.

6. He likes to watch you

mistress arm cat

A cat in the arms of his mistress – Source: spm

House cats that live only indoors and never go outside are easily bored. And for good reason, they do not do any exploration or hunting activities typical of all felines. Especially if they don’t have a playmate to have fun with. This is why, when your kitten is bored, he will be more likely to follow you step by step to stimulate him a little and bring him a source of pleasure. Also, if you spend many hours away from home, he misses you and looks forward to your return home. That’s why he doesn’t want to let you go!

7. He needs your help

Cats generally prefer to hide if they are feeling unwell or in pain, becoming more quiet and hostile towards anyone who tries to approach them. However, there are felines that do not behave like this and, on the contrary, solicit you with insistent meows in search of your help. You should be honored and touched by this: it proves that he really trusts you and that, despite his independent nature, the fact that he asks for your presence is very significant of the affection he has for you.

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