War in Ukraine | In Romania, the first lady of the United States supports refugees

(Bucharest) The First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, on a visit to Europe to express her support for Ukraine and the countries that help her, met on Saturday in Bucharest with families of refugees who fled the Russian invasion.

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Accompanied by Carmen Iohannis, wife of the Romanian President, Mme Biden notably went to the “Uruguay” school, which hosts around fifty Ukrainian students.

She spoke with several children drawing Ukrainian and Romanian flags, according to images broadcast by public television TVR.

She then listened to the stories of teachers and mothers recounting their ordeal under the bombs in Ukraine, then their efforts to organize classes for refugee children in Bucharest.

“My first thought was to get my child out of the bombed city,” said Anastasiia Konovalova, an English teacher from Odessa.

But once in Bucharest, this 30-year-old woman noticed that hundreds of children, “on the road to exile to nowhere”, were deprived of school.

It was then that she decided to call on the Romanian Ministry of Education for help.

The next day, the “Mihai Viteazul” high school in Bucharest opened its doors to Ukrainian students, who today are more than 260 taking classes there, while 900 others are on a waiting list, she added. said.

“You are extremely strong”, launched Mme Biden to the address of his interlocutors. “We have your back, hope you know that,” she added.

Romania, which borders Ukraine, has so far hosted more than 860,000 refugees, of whom around 80,000 are still there.

According to the World Vision Foundation, half of them, or 40,000, are children, of whom only 5% are currently enrolled in the Romanian education system.

In the morning, Mr.me Biden spoke briefly with President Klaus Iohannis, before taking part in a meeting with members of UN agencies and NGOs, devoted to humanitarian aid for refugees.

On Friday, the first day of her visit, the first lady had met with American soldiers deployed at the Mihail Kogalniceanu air base (eastern Romania).

Mme Biden will leave Bucharest for Slovakia in the evening where, on Sunday, Mother’s Day in the United States, she will visit the city of Kosice and the village of Vysne Nemecke, there also to meet refugees, humanitarian workers and Slovaks helping out.

Since the Russian invasion began on February 24, Joe Biden’s government has provided some $3.8 billion in military aid to Kyiv.

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