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Want to keep up with fashion? Here are 8 smart hacks that make you look elegant and rich

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Every woman always wants to be in fashion, so many buy the most expensive clothes at random thinking that it will ensure elegance, and some try to follow strict clothing schemes like those promoted by fashion designers without taking into account body shape and personal preferences. But it is worth realizing that “global fashion advice” does not exist.

The best thing to do if you are striving for an attractive appearance is to respect your features and use the most successful secrets that apply to different clothing items and styles. In this report, the American website ” Brightside ” has presented tricks that will help you to enjoy an elegant and luxurious look without spending a lot of money.

1- Change the accessories and buttons

Bad-looking clothing accessories spoil your entire look, even if the piece of clothing is of high quality and modern design. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy this piece.

Sometimes, finding a piece of clothing that perfectly fits your body is more difficult than changing out controversial or worn-out buttons. You can look for a more convenient alternative to buttons at a tailor’s store, and you will be amazed at how much the look of your clothes has changed because of the little details you have added.

2- Examine complex color shades

Different shades of colors greatly affect the appearance of a particular piece of clothing.

You can see this difference while comparing for example a regular green and neon green (radioactive phosphorous).

Some shades are complex because they contain an important mixture of monochromatic colors.

3- Pay attention to the quality of the fabric

In certain cases, thin knitted blouses that are excessively narrow, plush (wool or thick woven cotton) blouses that appear puffy thanks to prominent threads, and blouses with dense interlocking are appropriate.

But these elements are less important than similar-looking jackets made of heavy, high-quality fabric, which make your look expensive even without adding unnecessary luxe details in terms of accessories, style, or color.

4- Ignore the copycat designers

A high-quality, yet budget-friendly bag from an unnamed manufacturer will add more sophistication to your look than an imitation Gucci or Michael Corx bag, with its prominent threads, quirky print, and ugly logo. You’d better not go after fashion or what’s trendy.

It is wise to consider these details and buy trendy clothes from the general market rather than looking for designer clothes, without even paying attention to the fact that you have a counterfeit piece that is easily noticeable.

5- Don’t look for trendy pieces

The eternal quest for unique clothes and accessories not only fills your closet with clothes that do not perfectly match each other but also prevents you from enjoying your fashion style.

It’s important to remember that fashion isn’t always rational, and even if it comes up with something new every time, that doesn’t mean you have to test all of these trends for yourself.

On the other hand, international collections chosen according to your style and body type always look much better than looks created according to the laws of fashion shows that do not take into account your fashion tendencies.

6- Choose contrasting accessories

The monochromatic look certainly looks elegant, but even the accessories should stand out when you go for this look.

When these pieces are combined with clothing, accessories cease to perform their main function, which is to accentuate the look and give it a personal touch.

The same rule applies to size, a bag that is too small does not fit in multi-layered clothes, and an oversized bag is not suitable when you wear simple clothes.

7- Pieces that fit the basic elements

To make your wardrobe harmonious, it is very important to be clear about your essentials, whether the main pieces are skirts or blouses or jeans and boots.

Make sure these basic items are of high quality. Then gradually add new items that can easily be combined with at least two pieces of clothing you already have.

8- Use the “2 by 2” rule.

In addition to making sure the accessories accentuate the look, they must blend in with one another.

The easiest way to avoid mistakes while combining pieces is to use the “2 by 2” rule, meaning that the elements that highlight the look must match in color, texture, shape, type of metal, etc.

For example, the color and texture of the bag can match the color and texture of the belt. The color of the glasses may match the color of the dress and nails.

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