Video of dog and cat having intense play session in vet’s waiting room goes viral

A little tense after having received a vaccine, a dog was fortunately able to count on precious help to restore her good mood. That of the vet’s cat, with whom she played as if they had known each other forever.

A video showing a cat having fun with a dog, when they had only recently met, has gone viral on Reddit, where it was posted on April 10. A story told by Newsweek.

Illustration of the article: Video of a dog and a cat in the middle of an intense play session in the vet's waiting room goes viral

The scene took place in the waiting room of a veterinary practice in the south of France. It was filmed by Emerald, the owner of the dog. The latter is a female Dachshund by the name of Mango. As for the feline with the “tuxedo” dress (black and white), it belongs to the veterinarian and is called Rillettes.

Emerald and his family were then visiting relatives and had taken the opportunity to have them examined and vaccinated Mango. The dog’s mistress explains that it was the 2and meeting between the 2 animals and that the first one was not so festive.

“We all stopped to film them”

Usually Mango barks at cats so that was really surprisingentrusts Emerald to Newsweek. They had met the day before and sniffed each other a bit, but nothing special had happened. I went back to the vet the next day for Mango’s rabies shot, and she was a little more stressed after the shot. »

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The practitioner then suggested that he let the dog move freely in the waiting room, convinced that Rillettes could distract her. ” They immediately started playingsays Esmeralda. We all stopped to film them and take pictures. »

Here is the video:

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