Valais: PETA wants a ban on queen fights

On the eve of the National Final of the Hérens breed this Sunday, the animal rights organization is making a shocking proposal. “We love these animals!” retorts the president of the Federation.

For breeders of the Hérens breed, there have been 100 fights this year in Valais.

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“When a small group of restless people come together to reflect…” National Councilor Sidney Kamerzin (C/VS) reacted with irony late Monday afternoon after the release of a statement calling for a ban on fighting in queens in Valais. It is the animal rights organization PETA Switzerland, which is calling for an end to these traditional fights. There is no doubt that this will cause Valais breeders, who are preparing to live this Sunday, May 8, the National Final of the Hérens breed in the Arena of Pra Bardy in Sion.

Arena Stress

“This final is the highlight of the authentic Swiss tradition, writes the site It brings together new followers every day and transmits the values ​​of this traditional regional breed. But for Ilana Bollag, member of PETA Switzerland, breeders “exploit” a natural behavior of the animal: “They do not fight without reason, they only do it when necessary”. Her fights would also cause significant stress to these competitors, who find themselves in the middle of a noisy arena. “Tradition does not justify cruelty to animals,” said the antispecies activist.

“He’s a member of the family”

The president of the Swiss Federation for the breeding of the Hérens breed, Fabien Sauthier, has another story. He believes that these people “are misinformed: we love these animals! It’s like in India, a sacred cow is a member of the family. We don’t count the number of hours we spend taking care of it…” As for the reproach of forcing the cows to fight, he disputes: “It’s in their gene to confront each other to establish a hierarchy. In queen matches, the cows decide to fight and we almost never have any injuries. But I understand that some people may be afraid for themselves when they see the fighting.

More animals in entertainment

For PETA Switzerland and International, this position is part of its opposition to the use of animals for entertainment purposes around the world, which often comes up against traditions or tourist interests. This concerns bullfighting, water parks, circuses, zoos, carriage races and even the cinema.

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