Val-d’Oise: the hungry dog ​​saved by the animal protection association “did not even have the strength to bark”

She is skin and bones and it is not sure that she will survive. Clara, a Mechelen dog about four years old, was seized on Sunday by the Action Protection Animale association, which intervened in Bonneuil-en-France (Val-d’Oise), with the help, she explains, of the municipal police of Arnouville and the police officers of the police station of Gonesse.

“When we arrived there, she couldn’t even bark anymore,” says Anne Claire Chauvancy, president of the association for the defense of animal causes. “We had been alerted by an anonymous report a few days ago. The person described a dog that was not fed. We went there on Sunday to find out. The dog was found chained to a hut, living in her excrement. There was no water, no food, apart from cat food which was moldy. »

The dog could hardly stand on her paws anymore

It is above all a living animal in the state of a skeleton that has been taken care of. “Hungry and extremely dehydrated, the dog could hardly stand on her feet. She was immediately rushed to hospital. She only weighed 12 kg instead of the 25 to 30 kg she should be. It is not certain that she will survive. »

These living conditions are described as “despicable” by the president who specifies that the owner showed up on Sunday. “He explained to us that it was the dog who hadn’t wanted to eat, at least for a month. We asked him when he was going to see a vet. He replied: today…”

Bonneuil-en-France, Sunday. The Action Protection Animale association took care of a dog that was obviously undernourished for a long time.

Behind the hut, another barracks awaited the volunteers of the association. Three other dogs were locked up there, in 4 m2 according to the association. They were three Anatolian shepherds, a mother and her two puppies, who lived on a manure mat, without water or food. Dogs who were not however as badly off as Clara, the malinoise.

All the animals were seized for the benefit of the association which filed a complaint for voluntary abandonment against the owner who had installed his dogs to dissuade people from entering his land.

“At the moment, we are constantly intervening in Île-de-France for people who abandon their dogs in rather incredible conditions. Five days ago, we discovered a Malinois who was in the same situation as Clara in the Hauts-de-Seine. Previously, it was another dog in Val-de-Marne. »

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