US: Military aircraft crashes in Southern California

No details were given as to the possible victims of the accident.

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A military aircraft crashed in southern California on Wednesday, a spokesman for the US Marines told AFP.

No details were given as to possible victims of the accident but the army denied reports that the aircraft was carrying radioactive substances when it crashed near Glamis, 35 km from the Mexican border. According to Los Angeles Timesthe toll would be 4 dead among the 5 passengers.

No nuclear material

We can confirm that an aircraft belonging to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing crashed near Glamis “said the spokesperson.

Military and civilian emergency services are on site. Contrary to rumors on social media, there was no nuclear material on board the aircraft “, he specified.

A Marine air base is located not far from the crash site in Yuma, Arizona and is home to a number of vertical take-off MV-22 Osprey aircraft.

The American army has already experienced several accidents involving this model of aircraft, including one that killed four people last March in Norway during a NATO exercise.

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