Twitter – Elon Musk is already calling for an “edit” button


The boss of Tesla and SpaceX, now the main shareholder of Twitter, published a poll on the social network to ask for a long-awaited tool.


Having become the main shareholder of Twitter following the purchase of 73.5 million shares of the microblogging service (9.2% of its market value), Elon Musk is already trying to put his two cents in the company. . The founder of Tesla and SpaceX polled members of the social network on the introduction of a button used to modify tweets already published.

Betraying his wish and that of many users of the social network for years, he deliberately misspelled the choice answers “yse” and “on”, instead of “yes” and “no”, implying that such functionality could be very useful in case of a typo.

The co-founder of the microblogging platform, Jack Dorsey, had already showered the hopes of Internet users by indicating that an “edit” button would “probably never” happen. But maybe things could change. Parag Agrawal, new boss of Twitter, has indeed shared Elon Musk’s poll, commenting that it would have “significant” consequences. “Please vote carefully,” he recommended.

To the board of directors

The general manager of the social network also revealed in a tweet on Tuesday afternoon that Elon Musk joined the board of directors of Twitter, the day after the announcement of a stake in the entrepreneur and billionaire in the capital of the group.

“I’m delighted to share that we have named @elonmusk to our board of directors!”, tweeted the leader about the one who is already CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.


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