This trick to dispose of cooking oil without clogging the sink creates the buzz and accumulates 12 million views… It changes your life

It’s the same story every time. After frying or cooking with fat, a quantity of oil remains. In most cases, it can be reused after being filtered. When it has been used many times, it is necessary to get rid of it. However, edible oils are very special waste. It is strongly advised not to pour these liquids into the sink. Indeed, when it cools and comes into contact with cold water, the oil freezes and aggregates on the walls of the pipes. She can then block them. Not to mention the bad odors that can emerge from the sink due to the accumulation of grease. Moreover, the oil is very polluting. Arrived in the purification stations, the residues of used cooking oil form a greasy and waterproof film which impacts the micro-organisms in charge of the purification of the water.

Some advise against throwing the oil in a compost. Indeed, the decomposition process can be slowed down by lack of air circulation. Another risk? Attract rodents and other pests.

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The trick to recover the oil

A video reveals a way to recover used cooking oil. To do this, place a piece of aluminum foil at the bottom of the sink while ensuring that it takes the shape of the drain. Simply pour the oil at the recess and allow it to cool and solidify.

When the oil is solid, all that remains is to remove the aluminum foil, taking care to close it well and thus capture the fatty residues.

Following the publication of this video which has accumulated 12 million views, the reactions are scrambling. Many people urge reusing oil and storing it, while using less aluminum foil. However, they agree that this trick can be useful if the aluminum foil and oil are discarded correctly.

This will save me from leaving it in the pan next time. », « It’s a game changer, I didn’t know ” or “ I who never know what to do with it “.

Other alternatives exist. It is possible to approach a catering professional who may be able to recover our cooking oils in order to recycle them with their own. Some town halls also set up systems for collecting used oil from households. Finally, there are also DIYs to transform edible oils into candles or detergents…

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