This sick cat is urgently admitted to the hospital: in 24 hours his transformation is spectacular – Rescue

This sick cat is rushed to the hospital

Naezy is a stray cat who has known a lot of suffering.

On January 19, Critter Crusaders Shelter in Cedar Rapids shared the incredible story of a stray cat named Naezy. The tomcat suffered from a tumor on his face.

She notices a lump on the cat

Naezy occasionally came to the farm of a lady named Kelly. Naezy had a large lump on her muzzle and mouth and it worried Kelly a lot.

After several attempts to approach her, Kelly was finally able to lure Naezy into the care of SAINT Rescue in Cedar Rapids on January 18.

After medical examination, it was decided that Naezy should undergo emergency surgery to remove this lump which turned out to be a tumor.

The operation is a success

Naezy was transported to the animal hospital and the medical teams were able to remove her tumor.

On January 19, the brave cat had a completely different look. As the medical teams had to shave the hair around the muzzle, Naezy looks like a little lioness with her red fur!

Naezy’s tumor is now gone, but the cat will need some time to recover. We wish him a quick recovery !

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