the strategic turn of the United States despite the Russian nuclear threat

Joe Biden chose the venue himself. It will not be the Oval Office, but the Roosevelt Room, named after this other Democratic president who, on December 29, 1940, announced that America was going to massively arm the United Kingdom against Hitler’s Germany and launched: “We must be the great arsenal of democracy. » On April 21, in this room, Joe Biden revealed to the world a similar turning point in the strategy of the United States: to help Ukraine repel the imminent Russian offensive in the east and south of the country, Washington will deliver most of the heavy weapons denied to President Volodymyr Zelensky for weeks. And this, despite the threats made a week earlier by the Kremlin. In a diplomatic note, Vladimir Putin warned the White House that deliveries of “sensitive systems” in kyiv could “to have unforeseeable consequences”. In covert words, a nuclear response.

Nuclear threat: Can Putin break the supreme taboo?

The master of the Kremlin raised the specter of an atomic war as soon as the invasion was announced on February 24. Those who would try to interfere with ushe threatened that day, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead to consequences you have never experienced before”, in other words, atomic strikes. And, to prove his statements and terrorize the peoples of Europe, he then publicly ordered his Minister of Defense to alert the f

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