the restaurateur says he is “tired” of tensions with the City

The information was made official this Monday morning: the Rethel fairground restaurant is officially closed. The manager of the establishment, Thierry Lancino, has decided to put his restaurant in compulsory liquidation.

A brutal and unexpected closure which takes place against the backdrop of tensions with the city of Rethel. Thierry Lancino reacts: “ I’m tired of all this. I do not want to dwell on the subject, nor to argue. I have nothing to add. The activity stops and everyone resumes the course of his life. »

In the lease between Thierry Lancino and the city of Rethel, there is a clause indicating that in the event of the restaurant owner’s departure, ” the fairground should pay him 70,000 euros “, indicated the mayor of the city Mazarin in April 2021. “ It is true that it is in the lease but for the moment, I have not asked for anything. I have no intention of claiming anything, we will see the progress of the situation “says Thierry Lancino.


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