The pig of a Nice tattoo artist found painted: an open investigation, the animal confiscated

There was the controversy over the tattooed pigs by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye presented in 2010 at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice. There is now the “Burt” case, a one-year-old Vietnamese dwarf pig, which the police confiscated last week from a young tattoo artist from Nice after the (hasty?) denunciation of a client.

The latter alerted the police when she came face to face with the pet, the snout and the rest covered in purple spots.

Burt would he have suffered the artistic delusions of its owner? When in doubt, Burt was entrusted by the courts to an animal protection association and the police carried out a search of the living room where they found a few grams of drugs and weapons, information confirmed by the Nice prosecutor’s office.

After 24 hours in police custody, the Nice tattoo artist was released. He held this Wednesday to explain what he considers a misunderstanding: “Ever since I moved in with my new girlfriend, Burt’s been living in the back of my living room. While I was away, he shredded two trash cans and covered himself in carbon and ink. The client, instead of questioning me, called the municipal police. At no time did I tattoo Burt or abuse him. He’s my baby and I’m going to fight to get him back.”says the young man, revolted that the police came to question him in front of his customers.

When we practice tattooing, we do it on pork rind bought from the butcher, because the texture looks like human skin, but certainly not on a living animal.”he defends himself.

Arms? “These are legally held defense weapons”, specifies the tattoo artist who admits to being a consumer of mephedrone, a synthetic drug also confiscated by the police who are continuing an investigation which should end in blood sausage.

A veterinarian has just confirmed that Burt is in great shape.

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