the miscellaneous facts of this April 26

Mulhouse: a trash fire extinguished by trampling

The firefighters went to rue de la Tour du Diable in Mulhouse, shortly before 12:30 a.m. on the night of Monday April 25 to Tuesday April 26, for a rubbish fire that had taken hold in the stairwell located on the second floor of a building. The extinction was carried out by trampling, thus making it possible to disperse the rubbish and put an end to their burning.

Huningue: his yorkshire is killed by an Anatolian shepherd

On the evening of Saturday April 23, a man was quietly returning from his walk with his two Yorkshire terriers, in Huningue, rue Barbanègre. Right in front of the entrance to his building, he saw a kangal or Anatolian shepherd rushing at him. He describes the scene: “Like a fury. He grabbed one of my dogs by the belly, and didn’t let go until he was dead… I tried to stop him, hitting him with the leash. Impossible…” He just managed to protect his other dog, the youngest. “At the end, I was full of blood. It’s horrible. As for the master of the kangal, “he was visibly drunk”. The Huninguois explains that he is struggling to recover from this shock. “I can’t stop crying. I had this Yorkshire as a companion for 13 years! We can no longer go out in peace. There, with my second dog, I look everywhere around me…” He left a handrail at the police station. And hopes that the aggressor kangal will be removed from his master, “to protect others”.

Sierentz: a kitchen fire in a pavilion not equipped with a smoke detector

This Tuesday, April 26, the firefighters of Saint-Louis intervened around 10 a.m. in a pavilion located rue de Kembs in Sierentz. When they woke up, the three people in this house, a couple in their sixties and their son, felt headaches before realizing that a fire had broken out in their kitchen, blackened by smoke. According to the firefighters, a short circuit or other malfunction of a household appliance generated the start of a fire during the night while the occupants were sleeping. The kitchen door and window were closed, “the fire consumed the oxygen in the room and then went out on its own,” noted Lieutenant Frédéric Debaye. The firefighter emphasizes the advantage of being equipped with a smoke detector, which was not the case in this dwelling, in order to alert people who are sleeping to encourage very rapid evacuation of the premises. “If the door to their kitchen had not been closed, their house would go on fire with perhaps three victims” More fear than harm, therefore for these three people, rescued and then directed by the firefighters to the clinic of the three borders for checks related to the inhalation of carbon monoxide.

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