the growing success of secret dinners


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M. Subra-Gomez, N. Coadou, G. Baslé, P. Wursthorn, S. Malin – France 2

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Hidden restaurants are developing in France, and each one is inventing their own concept. This is the case in Bordeaux (Gironde) and Paris.

In the family of restaurants, there are those that are well established and display their menu in broad daylight. But lately, a wind of discretion has been blowing over gastronomy. Other establishments prefer to hide their game. This is the case in Bordeaux (Gironde): in a completely classic restaurant, the Gaùta, an imposing cupboard hides another room. “I feel like I’m in Narnia”, slips a client. This secret space was wanted by the boss, Vivien Durand, to thank the faithful who supported him financially so that the restaurant, launched in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, survives.

To dine here, you have to show your credentials, or be a friend of a friend of the boss. Thanks to word of mouth, people from Bordeaux were able to enjoy the thrill of a top secret dinner that evening. “A good table here with friends is still a cocoon, a bubble”, rejoices a customer. In Paris, in a trendy bar, customers sip their drinks without suspecting that others are dining a few meters away, at the end of a corridor, behind a back door.

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