The gourmet charm of a former presbytery: Maxime Colin offers in a magnificent setting a cuisine that is just as

The restaurant of Maxim Colin settled in Kraainem, a stone’s throw from the Saint Pancrace church.

Nicely nestled a stone’s throw from Parc Jourdain in Kraainem, the small Romanesque and Gothic church of Saint-Pancrace has a magnificent presbytery dating back to the 17th century. Now owned by the municipality, this incredibly charming building houses the restaurant I want to talk to you about this Sunday. This is the establishment opened by Maxime Colin, simply called… Maxime Colin!

This chef, who really thrilled me during our visit on Wednesday evening, is far from unknown. I had in fact met him a few years ago at the Villa Lorraine, at the time when, initially second in command to Alain Blanchin, he had succeeded him as head of the kitchens of this emblematic house of which he had preserved the pneumatic star. I had already greatly appreciated at the time the innate sense of the product that this meticulous specialist put at the service of a gastronomy as precise as it is inventive. A magnificent talent which, over the years, has only developed, as I was able to realize this week.

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