the death of her first child resurfaces… but what happened?

This Monday, April 25, Elon Musk once again made history. The businessman has offered Twitter for the modest sum of 44 billion dollars. A news that has made a lot of noise since the new owner wants the blue bird social network to be more focused on the most complete freedom of expression. A transaction feared by some specialists, but also by several politicians around the world. One thing is certain, Elon Musk does not lack ambitions and seems to be limitless. Businessman, engineer or even entrepreneur, the president and CEO of Tesla and Space X has managed to build an incredible fortune. On the private side, it’s more complicated for him. The billionaire had to overcome the loss of his first child.

Elon Musk is the father of six children: five boys, whom he had with his first wife, Justine Wilson, and a sixth, from his relationship with Grimes. The couple recently announced that they have decided to separate. But now, 20 years ago, Elon Musk faced a terrible ordeal, the death of a child. Her son died in 2002 when he was only a few weeks old. Named Nevada Alexander Musk, his son born from his marriage to Justine Wilson, succumbed to sudden infant death syndrome. An immeasurable loss, since it is still difficult to determine the reasons for this syndrome today. The couple remained united in this ordeal and had other children thereafter: twins, then triplets, all born thanks to the process of in vitro fertilization.

Soon in court

If he made the big money by buying the social network Twitter, Elon Musk will also be talking about him soon. The entrepreneur will soon testify in the defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Actor James Franco is also expected to take the stand. The pretty blonde and Elon Musk dated while she was married to the interpreter of Jack Sparrow. In a video, we see them being very close in an elevator.

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