The ancient minute – Elon Musk, new Prometheus?

VSis himself who suggests the rapprochement. In a tweet from July 31, 2021, when Twitter was not yet his. The image of a rocket taking off in the night and the flames, with these two words: Prometheus Unbound. In French, “Prométhée délibrée”, a nod, via the poet Shelley, to the enchained Prometheus of Aeschylus (Vand century BC). Prometheus is this Titan who opposed Zeus by offering fire to men. The master of Olympus condemned him to be chained to the Caucasus and to see his liver devoured every day by an eagle, the liver growing back during the night. As for men, Zeus punished them by sending them Pandora, whose famous box unleashed all imaginable evil against them. By evoking Prometheus (in Greek, “one who knows the future”), is Musk aware that he too is playing with fire? And that Martian dreams or implanting a chip in our brain to increase its power could lead us down a dangerous slope? Even. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, was, after all, nicknamed, “the American Prometheus…”

Youngtae/Leemage via AFP

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