Tesla: Elon Musk launches a new useless gadget … already out of stock

Is it always appropriate to make fun of your opponents? In any case, this is what Elon Musk did this Wednesday, December 1 by highlighting on Twitter a new object for sale on the Tesla site, reports Business Insider. A little whistle inspired by the famous Cybertruck, obviously put on sale to answer Apple: “Don’t waste your money buying this stupid Apple rag, buy our whistle instead”, tweeted the whimsical billionaire.

An allusion to the accessory launched by the Apple brand last October on the occasion of the release of the new MacBook Pro. A cloth sold for the modest sum of 25 euros, and which was very quickly out of stock. Elon Musk wanted to make fun of it, but many observers were surprised by the release of an object already qualified as useless. However, the metal object, 50 dollars (about 44 euros), almost double the cloth from Apple, is also already out of stock, just hours after Elon Musk’s announcement.

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Lots of gadgets

A joke, then, but which seems to work, since even if it was produced in a limited edition, this little whistle was made with “high-end” stainless steel, Tesla specifies, “of medical quality and with a polished finish” . So much, note Business Insider, that the object is already resold sometimes 2.250 dollars on sites like eBay. This whistle is not the first gadget sold by the brand on its website. Tesla already offers a $150 glass decanter, a $60 umbrella, $30 mugs, and a computer charger that looks like a car charging station for $45.

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