Telecardiology specialist Implicity raises 21 million euros to conquer the United States

The start-up Implicity, specializing in remote cardiac monitoring, announced on April 27 a fundraising of 21 million euros. The round table was led by Crédit Mutuel Innovation and Bpifrance, as well as BNP Paribas Développement and historical investors Serena Capital, XAnge and Karista. Its last fundraising of 4 million dates back to March 2019.

Develop new solutions

We plan to increase our presence in the United States and expand into new market opportunities“, declared Arnaud Rosier, founder and CEO of Implicity. The young company recently obtained authorization from the Federal and Drug Administration (FDA), the American agency in charge of regulating foodstuffs, drugs and devices. medical, for a new algorithm to analyze ECG episodes from implantable cardiac monitors.

In 2017, the company developed and launched a medical platform to simplify the daily practice of cardiac remote monitoring. Instead of being scattered across manufacturers’ sites, the data collected by pacemakers and defibrillators is centralized in a single tool, easily consulted by healthcare teams.

She is also at the origin of several automatic learning systems that sort and rank alerts according to their level of severity, by cross-checking the data collected by the devices with that of the patient. Thus, the care team can know at a glance which patients should be treated first thanks to a color code.

100 user establishments

First contributor to the ETAPES program (an experiment that encourages and financially supports the deployment of remote monitoring projects), Implicity covers more than 60,000 patients in 100 medical establishments in Europe and the United States, including AP-HP hospitals. It is also the first company to have had access to the data contained in the Health Data Hub within the framework of the “Hydro” project. It aims to develop a machine learning system to prevent acute episodes of heart failure with hospitalization.

Implicity is also collaborating with Bayer to provide a joint offer dedicated to patients suffering from heart failure. This reconciliation also aims to assess how the approach of the medical visit can be consistent with the inclusion of patients in remote monitoring as well as to assess the solution with patients and healthcare professionals.

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