Tarn-et-Garonne: a surge of solidarity to save “Junior”, an old abused horse

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Recovered in a sad state, this 26-year-old horse will end its life at the refuge farm Les 3-Dindes, in L’Honor-de-Cos, in Tarn-et-Garonne. The association which works for animal welfare is launching a pot to help finance veterinary care and food which must be adapted to the state of health of the animal, suffering from several pathologies.

Here is a horse which, until now, has rather had a dog’s life. The story of “Junior”, a 26-year-old complete horse, is told by Lisa Fernandez. “We were called a few days ago following a report, for a horse that no longer got up in its meadow. We didn’t know if he was going to survive”, confides the president of the farm refuge “Les 3 Dindes” in L’Honor-de-Cos, known far beyond the Tarn-et-Garonne for the reception of animals. abandoned or seized for mistreatment.
The clinical picture of this stallion in the black coat is not folichon: “He was injured in the hindquarters several years ago but received no treatment. The examinations revealed a rupture of the suspensors of his balls. As his former owners continued to ride him, the stifle ligaments eventually failed and his general condition became alarming. In addition, he is invaded by melanomas in the anus. »

The beautiful neckline of “Junior” became in a few days the darling of the 3-Dindes farm-refuge.
Capture Facebook – Farm refuge “Les 3-Dindes”

Despite this, the blood tests, “not catastrophic”, convinced the farm refuge “Les 3 Dindes” that it was worth fighting to save “Junior”.
It must be said that the animal showed incredible resistance. “When we rescued him from his last owner, he was lying in this meadow, in pain, without shelter, without hay and regularly without water,” says Lisa Fernandez. After a few days of care, the stallion found some pep in the meadows of “3-Dindes”… where he met “Lee” and “Rio”, two other horses welcomed at the refuge farm.

An orthopedist will make him a prosthesis for his ruptured tendons

To give him back more autonomy in his travels, the association appealed last weekend to an orthopedist who specialized in horses. “She made casts of Junior’s failing joints and will work on a prosthesis that will do the work of his ruptured tendons,” explains Lisa Fernandez. The president of the refuge farm also took the initiative to launch a “special Junior” kitty (1), counting on the mobilization of animal friends to help finance veterinary care and food for the old horse. In the spring of 2021, we remember the solidarity momentum that had manifested itself for “Malégal”, a horse gored by a bull, in Haute-Garonne, and which had been left without care. Alas, two months later, the horse had not woken up from his 2nd operation on his left eye where a tumor had formed. We wish a more favorable destiny for “Junior”.
“As he has hardly any teeth left, we will have to give him an appropriate diet, based on corks, with small bits of carrot and other things to give him back his appetite. Already, it is very pleasing to see his attitude after a few days with us. We know very well that at 26, he will not live long, but if at least he could spend a few months in sweetness and love, and without pain.

(1) Here is the link to the kitty https://www.helloasso.com/…/les-3…/formulaires/7/widget

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