plane misses landing and catches fire

More fear than harm for the hundred passengers present in the aircraft. American investigators arrived on Wednesday June 22 at Miami airport (southeast) where a plane from the Dominican company Red Air landed on Tuesday with landing gear problemcausing a fire and the evacuation of a hundred peoplethree of whom were injured. Images relayed by … Read more

Has Google been infiltrated by a cult in the United States?

Google has had to deal with a case that has been embarrassing to say the least for its corporate culture for a few days. An employee of the famous American company claims that one of its divisions is plagued by a religious sect known as “The Community of Friends”. In a lawsuit filed in a … Read more

Bill Cosby guilty of sexually assaulting a teenage girl

Released since 2021, the actor faces a new conviction. Bill Cosby was found guilty by a jury in a California court of sexually assaulted a teenage girl in 1975 when she was 16 years old. The victim, Judy Huth, now 64, will receive $500,000 in damages. This decision, in civil proceedings, puts an end to … Read more

Nevada, between deserts, lakes and Las Vegas

Nevada generally rhymes with Las Vegas. Even if “Sin City” is inescapable, the State of the American West is not limited to the “city of sin”. And Vegas itself is not limited to the Strip, this impressive boulevard where the big hotels and casinos line up. The state is primarily a arid region. Pacific air … Read more

what diet when quitting smoking?

You have decided to quit smoking but like many smokers, the fear of relapsing overwhelms you. Did you know that your diet can play a role in minimizing the effects of quitting smokingespecially on the weight? According to Passeport Santé, a diet should be adopted immediately after quitting smoking. This must be high in fiber, … Read more

how the elevator has revolutionized modern cities

Thanks to them buildings have risen and cities have changed. The first passenger elevator was built in Manhattan in the 19th century. It does not immediately trigger enthusiasm, because security still leaves something to be desired. This is where the industry comes in. Elisha Otis, who organized a demonstration at the 1854 World’s Fair in … Read more

Trump slams House inquiry into Capitol assault

Donald Trump pulls out his claws after the revelations of the work of the parliamentary committee which accuses him of “attempted coup” during the invasion of the Capitol on April 2, 2021. In a long press release, the former American president points to a “travesty of justice”. “This comedy…is a brazen attempt to distract the … Read more

10 tips to lose weight before summer

The sunny days are back, as well as lighter clothes that let our bodies appear, and of course swimsuits. Although this summer period is awaited by many, it can represent a stress for the people who do not feel good in their body because of a few kilos which they consider too much. There are … Read more

should it be better to give them kibble or mash?

According to a magazine survey I’m interested on the diet of our four-legged friends, “one in two cats is overweight and one in three is obese”. Does this mean that the industrial food for animals is not suitable? “Not necessarily, because all the same the life expectancy of our companions has increased a lot in … Read more

she contracts an STD in a car and is awarded $5.2 million in damages

An American woman contracted human papillomavirus (HPV) after unprotected sex in her partner’s car in 2017. She filed a lawsuit in 2021 in the state of Missouri, asking that the vehicle’s insurer compensation for “losses and injuries”in particular for “his past and future medical expenses”. The plaintiff, known by the initials MO, had sought $9.9 … Read more