“The alliance between the United States and South Korea goes beyond the North Korean threat”

Published on : 05/20/2022 – 19:38 On board his “Air Force One” plane, Joe Biden arrived this Friday, May 20 in South Korea. This is his first tour of Asia as President of the United States. Faced with China, Joe Biden intends to affirm American ambitions in the region. But the shadow of a North … Read more

Eating This Funny Sea Animal Reduces Age-Related Inflammation In The Brain!

The sea ​​squirtsstrange-looking marine animals oscillating between that of a coral and a sea ​​cucumberwould hold a secret of youth. Indeed, their body is filled with plasmalogens, a family of molecules present in large quantities in our brain and our heart, but with age their quantity decreases. Scientists have wondered if supplementing with plasmalogens could … Read more