Surviving hedgehogs seek gardens to settle: “There are so many, I have to call on individuals!”

A rehabilitation center for wild animals uses individuals to collect these small mammals.

Do you have a large unfenced garden and would you like to receive a hedgehog that has spent the winter with us? The center is looking for places to free them!” By posting this simple and effective appeal on its Facebook page last week, CREAVES (rehabilitation center for animal species living in the wild) Le Clos de l’olivier, located in Masnuy-Saint-Jean (Hainaut), didn’t expect to be overwhelmed with calls and offers. “It’s a big success”, rejoices Daniel Marlier-Inhoff, manager of the center. “We have already been able to release 80 who are in perfect health!”he says.

Each year, the center collects hundreds of weakened and underweight hedgehogs and helps them through the winter before releasing them into the wild. “Last year, I had up to 450. Usually, I release them in the forest but there are so many that I now call on individuals who have the necessary conditions to welcome them”, explains the animal advocate. Because there is no question of releasing the hedgehogs just anywhere. “The garden cannot be completely fenced off. Hedgehogs must be able to move around and be in contact with other individuals of their species. The goal is not to keep them in their garden but to allow them to find their freedom.”

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