Star exchange PrimeXBT rolls out its trading and covesting tools on iOS

Always at the forefront of the latest crypto-friendly innovations, the PrimeXBT exchange platform is launching its mobile application on iOS, enhanced by its young and promising experience acquired. since one month on Android.

PrimeXBT Trade now wants to encourage iPhone owners to invest in Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and beyond since the exchange has carved out its reputation by offering many traditional assets such as gold, stock indices, forex, in parallel to the most illustrious digital assets.

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Installation and registration on the PrimeXBT Trade App

The iOS application version is intended to be as broad and complete in terms of assets and functionalities as the online platform. Free to download from the App Store, it is now possible to invest directly from your phone in a simple and fun way.

After Android, it is the iOS operating system which is provided with the mobile application of the PrimeXBT exchange

Registration does not require you to enter personal information, such as tax identification or a postal address (the famous KYC). Once installed on your device, just an email address you will be required to open a trading account, if you do not already have one. Promo codes exist to benefit from 50% bonus on deposits in BTC among other things, to be filled in during a new registration. Do not hesitate to go hunting!

>> Download PrimeXBT Trade app for Iphone >>

PrimeXBT launches its iOS application to allow users to invest in cryptocurrencies directly from their mobile.
Home page and account creation

Regular users of the online trading platform will be able to connect directly with their identifier to find all the assets already in their possession, their favorite tools and their favorite markets ready to be tapped throughan adapted and intuitive interface.

Power and operation of PrimeXBT Trade

To deposit your funds, you will have the choice between using a VISA bank card (for a 4% fee) or linking a regular bank account to your PrimeXBT trading account via the application. It was also planned to be able to fund this account from blockchain wallets (BTC, ETH) thanks to the generation of deposit addresses, or even the scanning of a dedicated QR code.

On the PrimeXBT iOS application, to fund your account, in bitcoins as in ethereums, simply scan a QR code
The interaction with your funds is very simple

As a reminder, the digital assets accepted for deposit are currently BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC without forgetting the VOC, native corner of the partner company Covesting which allows you to obtain many advantages on the various aspects of your activities. The minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC, and the very attractive fees stand at 0.05% of transactions.

Trading and co-vesting on the menu

An app yes! What for ?? The new version of the PrimeXBT Trade application in its iOS version is not to be taken lightly because in terms of tools and potential, it has nothing to envy to its mother, the famous online platform. From your mobile you can trade as if you were in front of your computer, all the tools at your disposal at your fingertips: price monitoring, market orders, limit orders, stop loss, copy-trading, position management, leverage, yield farming, etc.

The PrimeXBT application allows you to control your cryptocurrencies, your operations and your covesting strategies as if you were on the site
The interface authorizes all operations

Furthermore, all the performances of the co-vesting strategies in which you are involved can be monitored and controlled in real time. The advantage here lies in simple and quick monitoring of your investments, with, as a bonus, statistics on the return relative to the risk of the strategy chosen by the trader you are following. All transactions are therefore monitored, analyzed and the information is accessible at any time.

>> I trade cryptos on my mobile thanks to PrimeXBT Trade >>

Note here that the application is highly secure. Apart from the password created during registration, the user can, if he wishes, define an access code, or opt for fingerprint recognition, if his phone allows it. The more cautious can also configure 2-factor authentication (Google 2FA). Withdrawal requests are processed only once a day to further improve the security of your capital.

The PrimeXBT Trade application is in line with the high expectations of crypto investors. The tools offered are intuitive, and the interface, although slightly redesigned for perfect ergonomics on iOS, allows you to quickly find your habits and your familiar PrimeXBT environment.

Once connected, the user will enjoy carrying out his trading operations, monitoring his investments and his Covesting, without ever fearing overloading the system and servers. If necessary, he can call on a customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you have to do is download the app and take full advantage of PrimeXBT Trade whenever you want, wherever you are.

Attention ! Trading with leverage is not to be taken lightly. earnings, just like the losses, can be considerable… and very fast! Leverages are complex instruments and come with a high risk of rapid loss of capital due to leverage. 74% of retail investor accounts lose money when investing. You need to make sure you understand how the levers work and can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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