Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home, a dog and aliens

Game News Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home, a dog and aliens

Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home is a 2.5D adventure platform game developed by Enjoy Studio and Longterm Games

Opened in 2020, the studio Longterm Games announces its first game : Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home. It’s about a space female dog adventure storyall on the 2.5D platform game gameplay.

Bea, the dog sent to space who survived

In Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home, we follow the story of Bea, a dog sent to space. She will live epic adventures traveling through different planets. Each planet will be very different, and will be inhabited by alien races unique. You can make it friends or foes, bringing different axes of exploration as your adventure progresses. Bea is a cheerful and courageous dog and like any of her congeners, she discovers the world through her senses. Indeed, in the game, Bea will be able to sniff, listen, observe, bark, hunt … Furthermore, note that the game offers a very slick art directionopenly inspired by games like Inside, Limbo, Journey or Ori and the Blind Forest.

A story based on the beginnings of the conquest of space

It’s not just a platform game. Indeed, Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home is a game offering both a space explorationbut also a internal exploration of your character. Understand your environment and your character as well as possible. Above all, the game is based on reality: at the beginning of the spatial conquest, we sent animals, including dogs, into space. The story of the game starts from this observation, and deviates from History, since Bea survives her trip to space and does not return to Earth.. This is the start of a colorful adventure.

Primarily, Space Tail is meant to entertain, but should also make players think, because it’s not just a story about a dog in space. It’s a tribute to all the animals guiding humans to the stars and a journey back in time, where all of us played retro platformers.

Robert Ogłodziński, executive producer of the game

Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home will be released this fall on Steam.

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