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Adhesive: Sometimes described as a backless/strapless or sticky bra. They are usually made of silicone, polyurethane, or similar material, and are attached to the underside of the breast with a medical-grade adhesive. Some versions offer one piece per breast. They can be reused a limited number of times and provide little support. Suitable for strapless and backless outerwear where a strapless bra cannot be used or preferred, or as an alternative to wearing completely strapless.

Air: See aqua bras below.

Big cup: Contrary to popular belief, a big cup and size are not synonymous. Plus size bras refer to the size of the belt relative to body weight to body height ratio. The big cup only refers to the large breast size on the body which may be thin. Therefore, equating a large mug with extra volume is misleading.

Built-in: It’s sometimes described as an off-the-shelf bra, although it’s quite different from the bra shown below. Embedded within or as an integral part of an outer garment such as a shirt, swimwear, or tank top. Some built-in suspenders are detachable. Built-in bras differ in their construction and ability to support. Some of them are a gang that offers limited support. The most advanced built-in bras are true bras with underwire and padding with full support capacity and are primarily designed for a larger bust that requires more firm support.

Front Closure: Non-adjustable single clip bras are positioned in the center front opening between the breasts. Full coverage cups usually have hook and eye rather than clips. This is especially common with large, front-close bras.

Full coverage: see full support bra below.

Full Cup: Sometimes called full support bras. Designed to provide maximum support and coverage for the entire breast. Practical design for women’s large tuning. Compare to balconette and demi-cup bra.

Full Support: Sometimes known as full coverage, full shape, or plus-size bra, although these terms are not interchangeable. Practical design provides maximum coverage and support for larger busts. They generally include a sturdier underwire and more elastic and supportive materials.  They typically feature wider shoulder straps and tie clips with a greater number of hook rows.

Gel: See aqua bra below.

Padded: Designed to enhance bust volume and noticeable cleavage. Cup liners are thickened and reinforced with inserts to improve the shape or foam inserts within the entire liner of the cup. Padded bras support the breasts but, unlike push-up bras (see below), are not intended to significantly increase cleavage. see also aqua bra below.

Plus Size: See full support bra above.

Seamless: The cups are smooth and without any visible seams, making them virtually invisible under tight clothing.

Sheer: A fashion bra made of transparent material that exposes the nipples.

Soft Cup: Practical design that uses no underwire for support. Soft cup bras, traditionally thought of as providing less support than underwire models, are competitively supportive. This is achieved through the use of cross frames, internal under-cup risers that rise no more than half the height of the cup itself, and two-layer bra cup padding or padding, molded, padded, or welded materials.

Underwire: Many bra designs feature a thin, semi-circular band of solid material that helps support the breasts. The wire may be made of metal, plastic, or resin. It is sewn into the fabric of the bra and under each cup, from the center to the wearer’s armpits.

Water: Sometimes known as a liquid or gel bra. It contains cups filled with water or silicone to improve the size of the breasts. Air bras were a similar concept.

Sports: see sports bra.

Belly Dancing: Most people consider this type of bra to be similar to a regular bra. This type of bra is designed to cover well, for example, a size 32C can fit with a bra size of 34B.

Wedding: It is designed to be worn under the wedding dress and is generally strapless or adhesive, with a long or built-in corset design. May include lace or embroidery.

Fashion: defines a category of bras that focus on the look and feel of a bra. Bright and colorful bras are usually considered fashion bras and are available in most of the different styles listed here.

Steel cup: Designed for safety. Used in Saf-t-Bra.

Male: worn by men with enlarged breasts. They are usually designed to tighten and conceal the breasts rather than lifting and supporting them.

Mastectomy: Designed to hold an artificial breast that mimics a real breast. Suitable after mastectomy.

Maternity: Full-cup design with wider shoulder straps to provide maximum support and reduce bounce. To be worn during pregnancy. The practical design uses comfortable fabrics that reduce irritation. May be adjustable to allow the cup size to expand as pregnancy progresses.  It is sometimes referred to as the bra that is usually worn after the baby is born, but unlike a real bra, it does not use removable panels or cups that facilitate feeding the infant.

Medical: Designed to accommodate women who have undergone surgery such as mastectomy or breast reduction.

Novelty: A fashion bra designed for appearance and sensuality. It may contain unusual materials, such as leather or feathers. It includes unusual designs such as the open-end bra, peekaboo, or peephole that features eyelets or slits in the fabric that reveal the areola and nipples. They are usually made of a delicate material such as Lycra, nylon (knitted nylon), polyester, satin, lace, or silk. Suitable for exciting situations.

Nursing: Like its sister maternity bra, this is a functional bra designed with full cups, comfortable fabrics, and wide shoulder straps for added comfort. Designed to support an increase in breast size while breastfeeding. It aids breastfeeding by providing flaps or plates that can be loosened and folded down or to the side, exposing the nipple. The use of underwires for feeding is not recommended due to claims that they can restrict milk flow and cause mastitis, and these claims are false. The bottom wires by themselves do not cause problems. However, the wrong size of the breast can cause problems, with or without an underwire. Some designs use a stretchy fabric that allows the bra to be pulled to one side for easier feeding.

Posture: Promote correct spinal posture and alignment.

Sleep: Sometimes referred to as a leisure bra. These bras are very soft, stretchy, comfortable, and easy to wear and don’t provide much support. It may also be suitable for everyday wear for women with small breasts. They are an alternative to going to bed and are designed to be worn at home when relaxing or sleeping. With a large bust, bra support may increase sleep comfort.

Sports: Designed for sports activities to provide strong support and reduce breast movement during exercise. The different designs suit a range of exercises, from yoga to running. They are usually made of an absorbent, stretchy fabric such as Lycra, and are designed to wick sweat from the skin to reduce irritation. (For the bras that girls wear during puberty, see the training bra.)

Tips to follow when choosing a strapless bra

Do you want to buy a strapless bra called the Strapless Bra with a design that matches your look in the evening? So you have to follow some rules to ensure you choose the right design and the right size for you. Bras can help you look great, but if you choose the wrong model, you will ruin your look. That is why you should take good care in choosing the right strapless bra that will guarantee you a great look, especially if you choose it with open-back evening dresses or with a low back. Read on and learn with us in the following lines the most important rules that will help you choose the most appropriate bra without straps for you.

Choose the correct size for the chest area

In the beginning and before you start looking for a bra, know the size of the chest area, whether you are going to buy it online or in stores. By knowing the traditional measurement that you usually wear, or by measuring this area if you are buying online. Where you can measure the area under the chest using a simple tape measure, then measure the middle of the chest in a simple and not narrow way. Using the size chart on the shopping site, you can choose the correct size strapless bra to ensure a successful look when wearing it.

Choose a bra in a smaller size

If you feel hesitant to choose a bra without straps for fear of slipping, you can choose it in a smaller size than the one that suits you to ensure its stability. It also ensures that you give the support that you may need, especially if you choose it with an open-out evening dress. But be careful not to go too far in choosing the narrow size so that you do not find any difficulty when wearing it. And make sure that you feel comfortable when adopting and not tight, to ensure that you choose the right design for you in a very easy and simple way.

Choose the design that matches your body shape

Care must be taken to choose the design of the bra that suits the shape of your people. For example, if you have a large chest, choose the slightly padded model, but if you are skinny, choose the padded bra using the Push-Up Bra method. This is to ensure that you look great and coordinate with the clothes.

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