Serving after 10 p.m.: the dilemma of neversois restaurants

“We work more, we sleep less”, summarizes with a smile Freddy Bonnot, co-manager of La Simplicité, with Yannick Landraud. He assures us: in his establishment, customers will find “something to eat” until 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., from Thursday to Saturday. Only problem: the place. “You have to call,” he advises.
“It takes organization, but it gets done. »

“There are a lot of requests after the cinema, the USON matches or after the aperitif, quite simply, when it is prolonged,” he assures. According to Freddy Bonnot, this choice of the first hour, twelve years ago, contributes to the success: “It is what makes the reputation in part”. A room must also be set up for groups, at the beginning of June.

“It generates hours. You have to be ready to pay them”

“We have always served continuously, every day; people know it. We are a brasserie, which is less difficult than in restaurants, ”said Flavien Thibault, the manager of l’Agricultural. There are six of them in the kitchen and around ten for the service in the dining room: “We are aiming to have more arms for a greater opening range. It takes work, organization, but it gets done,” he retorts.

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Flavien Thibault ensures compliance with “the eleven hour break between two services. And it is not always the same ones who are closed, ”he recalls. “It generates hours. You have to be ready to pay them. ” Without wanting to divulge figures, the manager, who has ten years of experience in the restaurant industry, assures him: ” The results are positive. There is an impact on turnover”, especially in summer with the terrace.

premium In the restaurants of Nivernais, the sale is no longer carried away

For Glen Markussen, manager of the Comptoir Saint Sébastien, the bistro L’Olivier and the bistro Ma Bourgogne, serving after 10 p.m.: “It doesn’t take much more than courage.” “When we arrived ten years ago, we did it until midnight in Paris. 10:15 p.m. was the happy medium, it seems good to me in the provinces, ”he explains. When we talk about the consequences on his turnover, Glen Markussen puts it into perspective: “There are days with and days without”.

His opinion is more decided on the evenings of rugby matches: “It does not bring us anything in terms of business; there are all the facilities to eat on site”. Unlike Bernard Chiron, owner of the La Marine restaurant, not far from the stadium, who welcomes customers after 10 p.m. when USON Nevers plays at home.

According to request

Clara Coussement and Jéremy Leva, managers of the bar and brasserie Au Métro, have not yet taken the plunge. The kitchen of the establishment, reopened on April 4, closes at 9:45 p.m. “We would exceptionally like match nights, but we are not doing it at the moment. According to the young woman, one of the brakes remains the recruitment of personnel.

At the Metro, square de la Résistance in Nevers, has reopened

“There are thirteen of us at the moment, four of whom are in the kitchen. It would take one more person in the kitchen and two more in the dining room to ensure turnover, ”she estimates approximately. Rather than in the evening, the bar and brasserie is currently “courted on Sundays and Mondays” by gourmets. “It’s a case to follow. You have to grind. We leave the season. We will also see depending on demand,” concludes Clara Coussement.

“A brake on the recruitment of staff”

At the restaurant La Simplicité, in Nevers. Photo Fabien Agrain Védille

Establishments remain free to set their evening service hours. But this can harm the attractiveness of employees. According to the Union of Trades and Industries of the Hotel Industry (Umih) of Nièvre, “there is no prefectural decree limiting the opening of establishments after 10 p.m. for the service, nor charges related to employees “. Restaurants attached to national chains are the ones that serve the longest.

“But this can be a brake on the recruitment of staff. It always has been, but it is even more so today. Employees want to end their day earlier: they will prefer to finish at 11 p.m. instead of 1 a.m., ”reports Alexandra Peuvot.

“It’s a typology of restaurants”

For Dominique Fonseca, representative of Nivernais restaurateurs within Umih, “it is a typology of restaurants. Staff are needed accordingly. Not everyone can do it. I don’t see myself doing it, I couldn’t, ”underlines the chef of the restaurant Le coq hardi in Pouilly-sur-Loire.

In brasseries, the dishes are generally “quick” to prepare. In other restaurants, this requires a whole organization, from setting up to managing equipment, cleaning… The next day, employees must not arrive too late to prepare and ensure the lunch service, knowing that they are entitled to a minimum of eleven hours of daily rest.

premium Salaried employment on the rise and unemployment on the decline in Nièvre

According to Dominique Fonseca, the game is therefore not always worth the candle: “At the moment, given the economic situation and the difficulty of finding staff with the time amplitudes, it seems complicated to me”.


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