Record Number Of Anti-Semitic Incidents In US In 2021 (Report)

Increase in anti-Semitic incidents may be linked to political instability, says J. Greenblatt

The number of anti-Semitic incidents recorded by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in the United States in 2021 has reached an all-time high, according to a new report from the group.

The 2,717 incidents identified in news articles by the ADL or reported directly to the organization in 2021 represent a 34% increase from the 2,024 anti-Semitic incidents recorded by the group in 2020.

Earlier, the 2,107 incidents in 2019 were the highest total since the ADL began publishing annual accounts in 1979.

From an insult to a terrorist attack, everything can be included in the count. For the second year in a row, 2021 saw no anti-Semitism-related fatalities in the United States, but the ADL tallied 88 anti-Semitic attacks, a 167% increase from the 33 attacks in 2020’s tally.

The group cited several reasons for the high numbers, including what the ADL calls “improved reporting” through partnerships with several Jewish organizations, which helped identify 494 incidents, or 18% of the total.

The ADL has also seen an increase in the number of incidents related to the May 2021 series of deadly clashes between Israel and the Hamas terror group that rules the Gaza Strip, many of which made national headlines in Israel. era.

“Jews were attacked in the streets for no reason other than the fact that they were Jewish, and it seemed that if you were Jewish you were responsible for what was happening on the other side of the world,” said Jonathan Greenblatt , CEO of ADL, in a statement.

More than a single factor, Greenblatt believes the overall increase in anti-Semitic incidents may be linked to political instability.

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