tension rises among breeders

“Like everyone else, breeders are handicapped by increases in their loads but also by the weather. If we add new attacks by predators, whether vultures, wolves or crows, discouragement and nervousness grow. Claude Font, president of the FDSEA 43 and secretary general of the national sheep federation, does not mince his words after the new … Read more

Danone and Nestlé are mobilizing in the face of the shortage of infant milk in the United States

(AOF) – Danone gains 1.1% to 54.7 euros. According to Reuters, the French food group has increased its infant milk shipments to the United States. Danone, the world’s second-largest manufacturer of infant formula, but a relatively small player on the American market, is trying to respond to the shortage of infant milk in the United … Read more

Why does Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter worry more than a third of French people?

They fear that the social network is used by the businessman to help his other companies, to influence national policies, but also that it limits moderation. Elon Musk’s plan to buy Twitter worries more than one. While the billionaire caused a wave of panic on the markets by announcing temporarily suspending the takeover of the … Read more

Connected fridges, new canteens 2.0

More economical, connected fridges follow the trend of healthier fast food, with optimization of space and costs, guarantee of success. Often, the lackluster image of the canteen dates back to childhood. Faced with this, company catering, since 2014, has been trying to change this representation and now offers fresh and local dishes, available to employees … Read more

An anti-drone laser weapon, Elon Musk accused of sexual assault, Stranger Things 4 is revealed in Monopoly, this is the recap

A laser weapon capable of pulverizing mortars and drones, SpaceX would have tried to cover up a sex scandal involving Elon Musk, a Monopoly full of spoilers comes out before season 4 of Stranger Things, here is the recap! The impressive capabilities of Raytheon Intelligence’s laser weapon. Accused of sexual assault by a flight attendant, … Read more