Oracle Exadata Cloud, Red Hat, Elon Musk…

Like every Friday, find our InfoNews Hebdo program which summarizes the IT news of the past week. This week we are talking about deploying Windows, Red Hat, Oracle Exadata and Cloud, Elon Musk and Twitter, etc…

In the comments of the IT news of the week, find like every week Guy Hervier and Jean-François le Nilias. Several important announcements have caught their attention, starting, of course, the probable takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk for 44 billion dollars.
Meanwhile, the IT planet continues to spin and Microsoft explains how it deployed Windows 11 internally, Red Hat delivers a toolkit for Cloud applications, Oracle puts its Exadata X9M systems in IaaS under OCI.
Our reviewers also look at the results of two studies. The first is signed Cast AI and shows that companies spend too much and badly on the cloud. The second is from Sophos and reveals that ransomware has hit 66% of businesses.


How Microsoft rolled out Windows 11 internally

The publisher now wants to see companies migrate to Windows 11. To give them ideas, he explains in depth and breadth how he himself deployed Windows 11 internally, on all the workstations of all employees, i.e. 190,000 PCs.
Insights you can use: Microsoft’s internal upgrade to Windows 11 – Microsoft Tech Community

A toolkit for building cloud apps at Red Hat

Application Foundations is a toolkit developed by Red Hat to develop and deploy applications faster in OpenShift containerized environments.
Red Hat Application Services

Oracle puts its Exadata X9M systems in its OCI cloud

Oracle is introducing these new high-performance Exadata X9M systems into its OCI cloud with a new IaaS service called “Exadata Cloud Infrastructure X9M”. And beware, it sucks!
Oracle formalizes the availability of Exadata X9M systems under OCI

Enterprise cloud bills have a tendency to slip

According to a Cast AI study, companies would spend on average 3 times more Cloud resources than necessary. A mess that cannot last and that some players intend to avoid through cloud expense management solutions.
CAST AI: Companies Spend Three Times More Than They Should on Cloud Costs

Elon Musk to buy Twitter for $44 billion

After much hesitation, the board of directors of Twitter has approved the takeover proposal presented by Elon Musk. The billionaire, boss of SpaceX and Tesla, first aims to preserve his own freedom of speech on the social network before thinking about that of others…
Elon Musk buys Twitter for 44 billion dollars… And not everyone is happy!

SonarSource raises $412 million

Created by three French women, the Swiss startup pioneer of Clean Code announces a major fundraising before preparing its IPO.
Pioneer of Clean Code, SonarSource raises 375 million euros…


Ransomware…again…and always…

Sophos’s new State of Ransomware 2022 report shows no improvement on the ransomware attack front. The study summarizes the impact of ransomware on 5,600 medium-sized businesses in 31 countries. And it’s scary…
The State of Ransomware 2022 – Sophos News


Morning IT for Business “DSI: Valorize the data with the trades”, May 11, 2022

From analytics to governance, the use of data continues to challenge organizations in order to exploit its full potential. Persistence of silos within organisations, complexity of analysis, new legal constraints, explosion of volumes… these are all challenges to be met.
The IT For Business Mornings – DSI: why, how and with what tools, to enhance the value of data with the professions?


Happy Birthday to the C and ZX Spectrum

Nostalgia sequence… The C language is celebrating its 50th anniversary and yet remains just as popular. At the same time, the ZX Spectrum, the computer that popularized microcomputing and programming in Europe in the 1980s, is celebrating its 40th birthday…
50 years of the C language and 40 years of the ZX Spectrum

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