Nutriscore: 22 parliamentarians “sound the alarm” and mobilize in favor of local products

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If the Nutriscore “started from a good intention”, this system “quickly came up against the reality of an oversimplification of our food products and our ready meals”, estimate the signatories of the forum.

In a forum, 22 deputies and senators tackle Nutriscore, a label which classifies the composition of food products between A and E.

“AOP cheeses, honeys, cured meats and many other natural products that are too fatty, too salty or too sweet, according to this classification grid, will be ostracized by this new gastronomy and too bad if they carry traditions sometimes millennia, framed by precise and secular charters of production and transformation”, they denounce.

While the UFC-Que Choisir affirmed on Tuesday that two thirds of French regional food products are well rated by the Nutriscore. “Contrary to the speeches of lobbyists in the corridors of Brussels who highlight a few examples, we realize with a much larger sample that regional products are rather favored by the Nutri-Score”, comments to AFP Olivier Andrault , in charge of food policy within the consumer association.

The local branches of UFC-Que Choisir selected 588 products for the study using recipes from their region. In total, 26% are rated A, 13% are rated B and 23% obtain a C. Among the 120 products rated A or B and which are therefore recommended for their nutritional qualities, approximately one third are fruits and vegetables such as red apricot from Roussillon or Nantes lamb’s lettuce. There are also 34 meats and poultry and 30 cooked dishes, such as Auvergne hotpot or Castelnaudary cassoulet.

Statements that the signatories of the forum consider to be a “untruth”. According to the parliamentarians, “most products that belong to our history and our terroirs would present the worst grade, ‘E’, intended to scare and alienate the consumer”.

Tribune signatories

– Sébastien Nadot, MP for Haute Garonne
– Sylvia Pinel, MP for Tarn et Garonne
– Sébastien Pla, senator of Aude
– Catherine Pujol, MP for Pyrénées Orientales
– Jeanine Dubié, MP for the Hautes Pyrénées
– François-Michel Lambert, MP for Bouches du Rhône
– Stéphanie Kerbarh, Member of Parliament for Seine Maritime
– Bertrand Pancher, MP for Meuse
– André Chassaigne, deputy of Puy de Dôme
– Paul Molac, MP for Morbihan
– Michel Castellani, MP for Corsica
– Jean-Michel Clément, MP for Vienne
– Jennifer de Temmerman, MP for the North
– Paul-André Colombani, MP for Corsica
– Cécile Cukierman, senator of the Loire
– Stéphane Viry, deputy of the Vosges
– Didier le Gac, deputy of Finistère
– Dino Cinieri, deputy of the Loire
– Michel Zumkeller, MP for the Territory of Belfort
– Olivier Falorni, MP for Charente-Maritime
– Frédérique Dumas, Deputy for Hauts de Seine
– Jean-Félix Acquaviva, MP for Corsica

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