Newfoundland builds lifelong friendship with cat and becomes her ’emotional support dog’ at the vet (video)

Belle and Bears? They are respectively a dog and a cat, linked by a sincere and deep friendship. The canine even accompanies his best friend to the veterinarian, in order to appease him.

contemplating Beautiful and Bearswe immediately understand what Friendship with a capital A means. The Newfoundland female formed an unwavering friendship with the house cat, as soon as she entered his life when she was 8 weeks old.

We were nervous at first, but they immediately liked each othertold Emily in the British daily Mirror, it’s as if they had always been brothers and sisters. But there’s more to their adorable relationship than just cuddling and playing.

best friends for life

Beautifulnow 3 years old, took on the role of ” emotional support dog “. Indeed, she always accompanies her faithful friend with the long mustaches to the veterinarian, in order to help him keep calm. Thus, medical visits and injections are easier to bear. ” Doctors even ask her to come to appointments, because he feels so much better when he has his sister with him. added their owner, originally from denver (United States).

The latter regularly publishes photos and videos of the 2 friends on her Instagram account, @bearsandbelle, which delights nearly 12,000 subscribers.

It gives me hope that our cat Flash will get along with our Newfie who will be arriving soon » ; ” It’s really cool and amazing what the dog does to help the cat » ; ” I love your support team! Thank you for being so loving to him “: here is a small sample of comments left by various Internet users, charmed by this unique friendship.

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Beautiful and Bears they may be different, but they adore each other and cannot do without each other.

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