Miscellaneous – Justice | Dawn: he leaves his accommodation and abandons his two dogs inside without food, found 8 days later

The owner of a small house in the Aube did not expect to come across this after the departure of his tenant. According to the website of the 30 Million Friends foundation, two dogs were found 8 days after the departure of their master tied in front of this accommodation. According to the Foundation, Hercules and Hera, the two dogs, were bound by chains abandoned without food or water.

It was while going to his property that the owner discovered the animals. “The owner of the house did not know what to do but immediately fed the animals in view of their thinness. The two dogs had no water, no food… They ate their own excrement and rubbish. They had been in this situation for at least 8 days. They were in real distress…“, says an investigator for the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

The two dogs were taken in by the Foundation, which decided to file a complaint.

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