Mathieu offers 1,000 euros to the one who will find his gray parrot from Gabon escaped from Vaudignies: “It’s my baby”

Mathieu from Vaudignies, in Hainaut, pushed the orange Alert us button. His Gabonese gray parrot, Marley, flew away from his home on April 17. Since then, he has been desperately looking for it… He also promises a nice reward to the person who will bring his pet back to him alive.

“1,000 euros reward to whoever finds my gray parrot from Gabon.” Mathieu contacted the editorial staff of RTL info after his pet, Marley, escaped from his home on Sunday April 17. The bird has “accidentally” flew near Vaudignies, in the province of Hainaut, “around the church”says Mathieu.

It went over my head

“I was cleaning the cages of the two parrots, because I had planned a big barbecue the next dayhe explains. When I went to the second cage, Marley managed to open the bottom of his cage. This is the first time this has happened in 7 years.” The door to the house was just open as the man was cleaning the cages in the garden. “It went over my head”remembers Matthew.

Once outside, Marley flew without stopping and without knowing where he was going. “A parrot has no sense of direction, it will fly straight and under the effect of adrenaline, it will go twice as fast and twice as far”, says our interlocutor. But having never seen the exterior in his life, Marley could not recognize his house. “Parrots don’t have a very developed sense of smell… I’m the one who’s supposed to find it”he said.

More than 400 ads placed in the village

The animal had been seen the day after its disappearance, in poplar trees 20 meters high. It was therefore impossible for Mathieu to catch him… But since then, the 35-year-old man has not seen Marley again. Worried, he is now launching a more general search notice to try to find his two-legged companion. “If you hear it between sunrise and 1 p.m. and between 5 p.m. and sunset, when it is most likely to be heard, please let me know”he wrote on his Facebook profile, along with a photo.

He also posted more than 400 ads in his village, but so far, nothing… “I’ve been walking non-stop for 7 days, before and after my job. I’m a bit on the wrong track, just in case…”, Slips Mathieu. But no leads have yet proven conclusive. “Apart from Villers-Notre-Dame, where I seem to hear it. I went at 5 a.m. and I thought I heard it whistle”hopes this resident of Vaudignies who will return there to find out for sure.

He calls me my heart…

Gabon Grays make sounds to establish a bond. Every 10 minutes, Marley will whistle to be heard. The problem is that if Mathieu answers him by whistling as well, the parrot will no longer make any noise. “Once he hears me, he will wait for me to arrive and shut up.” He will also tend to stand tall. “Since it is a bird of prey, it feels safe in heightnotes Matthew. But he was born in captivity so he doesn’t have the muscles developed enough to fly a lot. In theory, he’s not going to fly more than 300 or 400 meters a day.”

A great reward at the end

By contacting our editorial staff, Mathieu hopes to speed up his research. Without his parrot, he feels extremely sad and worried. “He’s my baby Marley, he’s my child… He wished me good day, good night. He calls me sweetheart… The bond is not at all the same as with a dog or a cat. But those who have not had a parrot cannot understand… There is a real interaction with him.”

Even if Mathieu and his companion have another parrot at home, it’s not the same thing. “Gabon Gray has only one favorite human and he is faithful for life. Taho is my companion’s parrot. I can’t touch him because he bites me. And it was the same with Marley, my companion could not touch him.”

“Since he left, I have lost 7 kg, I no longer eat, I no longer sleep, I have nightmares…”, he continues. Mathieu is very affected by the disappearance of the animal, which is why he promises a nice reward to the person who will bring Marley back to him alive. “I give 1,000 euros to the person who recovers it. I have to try everything for everything and that’s its price, it costs 1,000 euros. It may deter some people from reselling it. And in any case, if I can’t find it, I’ll have to buy one because Taho is depressed without it. Parrots are depressed when they live alone”entrusts our interlocutor.

Beware of scams

His Facebook post has been re-shared more than 2,000 times, without actually leading to anything. But he has been confronted with different types of scams since he is looking for Marley, including ransom demands. “I think people, when they see a parrot, they see the money. People are sending me fake pictures of Marley and asking me for money to get it back. I haven’t walked into it. , but other people might believe it”he warns.

Our interlocutor invites all parrot owners to be extra careful. “You can never be careful enough, even when you are extremely careful… Zero risk does not exist. But buying or selling a Gabonese gray without its CITES papers is totally prohibited and punishable by law”, he recalls. The grays of Gabon benefit from very high protection, thanks to the Washington Convention. “People who take in a found parrot should do what is necessary to find its owner rather than wanting to keep it or trying to resell it”insists Mathieu before concluding: “It’s close to my heart that we talk about all this … A lot of people including myself are quickly taken in because of a small detail that escaped us.”

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