Maine et Loire. Justice authorizes the slaughter of a protected bird: farmers satisfied

In 2020, the corvid defense association Crow Life won its case before the administrative court. But that’s not the case this time around.

The judge’s order has in fact just rejected the request of two associations, Crow Life and One Voice, which had once again attacked an order from the prefect of Maine-et-Loire authorizing the destruction of 635 jackdaws in the department. The animal is however protected by law, but it regularly causes damage in agricultural plots.

In a joint press release, the FDSEA, the Young Farmers, the Chamber of Agriculture and the Departmental Federation of Defense Groups against Harmful Organisms (FDGDON) qualify this decision common sense because the situation is no longer tenable, mainly in Segréen, even if jackdaw colonies are now present throughout the department. These birds cause a lot of damage to crops, especially during the sowing period, and all traditional scaring methods (gas cannons, scaring masts, etc.) have shown their limits.

And the damage is not only agricultural. Some buildings are damaged because this bird nests in old stones and chimneys, causing damage to individuals and communities.

The widening gap

The signatories add:Beyond this decision, this file shows once again the widening gap between an agricultural profession that suffers damage without any compensation and on the other associations made up of a few extremists of the animal cause, disconnected from the realities on the ground. , full of lawyers who spend their time attacking court decisions, and above all who don’t care about the constraints of agriculture. Moreover, a question arises, which neither Crow Life nor One Voice have tackled: who pays for the damage caused to crops? If it is obvious for the community that certain species must be protected, it is not normal that the damages are supported only by the farmers. It is high time for Parliamentarians and the State to provide financial compensation for the benefit of farmers who are victims of the damage caused by all protected species without exception.

Conclusion of the signatories of the press release: We can only invite the members of these associations to come to the plots to play the scarecrows, it would certainly be much more useful than unnecessarily cluttering the courts.

“Disastrous impact”

For its part, the deer protection association objects that the decree attributes damage to the jackdaw that is not exclusively attributable to it. Crow Life also points to a decrease in this damage in two years, while the decree increases the number of specimens destroyed.

Finally, and this is the whole point of this disagreement, the association recalls that the animal is protected and that its maintenance in the municipalities concerned is jeopardized. The destruction of one in four jackdaws during the breeding season is likely to produce a disastrous impact on coloniesindirectly destroying the offspring.

Maine et Loire. Justice authorizes the slaughter of a protected bird: farmers satisfied

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