Lot: the price of coffee is rising, cafes and restaurants in Cadurcy are resisting

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Can’t start your day without a good black coffee on the terrace? Hang on, because the price of this drink is rising sharply. Cafes and restaurants are hit hard. In Cahors, they choose not to pass on this increase to consumers.

1.50 euro for an espresso on the terrace. This is the average price of coffee in the city of Cahors. On boulevard Gambetta, at the Café de Paris, there is no need to read coffee grounds for Philippe Linsac. “Since the end of last year, we have seen an increase of 3 or 4 euros per kilo,” he explains between two services. Coffee maker for thirty years, this is the first time he has observed such an increase in the price of coffee. “The suppliers do not really give explanations for the moment”, indicates Philippe Linsac. But for Lassina Fofana, an apprentice chef at the Mets Saison restaurant, this has a direct link with inflation, which has been making its way for a few months. “It’s like dairy products, everything is increasing at the moment,” he laments. In reality, the price of coffee beans is skyrocketing, especially those from Brazil. In question: a major episode of frost and heavy flooding in the country.

Traders resist

But for café owners and restaurateurs in Cadurcy, it is out of the question to increase the price of a cup of coffee. “It is sure that we suffer a loss on our profit margin but it is better to maintain the latter or lose customers?” Asks the boss of the Café de Paris. Indeed, some regular customers no longer come to the terrace to drink their coffee. “People are coming less and less,” regrets Lassina Fofana. Apprentice for two years at the Mets Saison restaurant, he has noticed a drop in attendance. He is also less optimistic: “we will see how it goes this summer, but if it becomes too complicated for us, we will have to increase a little”. On the boulevard, a form of solidarity exists between cafes and restaurants. “We know how a cup is calculated for each other. Lowering too much will cause a stain”, just as raising too much is a big risk, says Philippe Linsac.

“We told him that if the cup became too expensive, we wouldn’t come anymore”, laughs a customer of the Café de Paris. There are still many aficionados of terrace coffee. “It is sure that it is increasing, but that will not prevent me from coming to have my little coffee on the terrace in the morning!”, smiles another regular customer. For her, it’s the friendly moment that allows you to start the day well. And for others the opportunity to take a break from work at lunchtime. So don’t touch the coffee of Caduran traders and consumers.

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