Lidl: this fryer promises ultra crispy fries!

How about fries with the barbecue this summer? This is the question that arises when you see the latest fryer released by Lidl…

Summer, the sun, the beach, the barbecue… and why not fries with it? In any case, Lidl brings out the ideal fryer to please those who have craving for fresh, golden and crispy fries. And we do not forget the double cooking! MCETV gives you a little topo.

Fresh or frozen fries?

Because a few weeks ago a great cook made a small passage in Top Chef: Heston Blumenthal. The facetious British cook gave his idea, his creation, his invention: the fry. But not just any.

Indeed, Mickaël, one of the Northerners of the adventure, did not forget to recall that the fries are cooked in double cooking. First boiled potatoes. Then in the fryer. A tip that you can apply thanks to Lidl.

The German brand has indeed decided to set itself to summer time. Barbecues, grills, crisps and even sunscreen: there is everything to prepare for the holidays. And among the latest additions to the stores is a fryer.

But a new generation fryer. Something to enrage all Northerners and Belgians: there will be no question of boiling oil. And even less pork fat. No, Lidl thought about guilt, and about that slightly greasy oil.

It is therefore a fryer that circulates hot air! A way to cook fries evenly, and almost no added fat. Finished, therefore, the hassle of oil to heat. No more oil hassle to cool.

Lidl: an efficient and inexpensive fryer

Not too much guilt, but good crispy and golden fries: this is the promise of the sign in its early June catalog. But for 37.99 euros, you will have something to please you and make your life easier.

Because Lidl has planned a big time gap. But also a large temperature difference. So you can raise the temperature of your fryer up to 200 degrees. And if you want to cook food more gently, that’s possible too.

The thermostat of this new tool indeed starts at 80 degrees. But who says different temperatures, says different cooking times. The fryer of the German brand therefore allows you to go up to one hour of automatic timer.

On its site, Lidl promises that « the shape of the frying basket allows optimal heat circulation. » Whether it’s chicken, vegetables, and of course fries, you’ll have enough to eat without too many constraints.

After going out the perfect machine for making sandwiches, the brand is therefore tackling a must: fries. But with a capacity of 2.8 liters and different cooking times and heat, the brand is trying to come up with an all-in-one…

Last argument drawn by the brand: the technology it uses allows “an energy boost”. So if you want to try make good fries without too much fatthe fryer of the German brand could make you happy!

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