installed in the United States and pissed, Laeticia Hallyday gets involved!

Earlier this week, the American site Politico unveiled an internal Supreme Court document that threatens the right to abortion in the United States.

Samuel Alito, its author, believes that the 1973 “Roe v. Wade” decision, which gives American women the right to terminate their pregnancy, is “totally unfounded from the start”.

The high court, with a strong conservative majority, questioned on the subject, confirmed the authenticity of this opinion, while adding, however, that it was not a decision “final”.

Since then, throughout the country, thousands of people have mobilized to defend the right to abortion, in the streets. But also on social networks where a large part of this battle is played out.

Moreover, Laeticia Hallyday, installed in the USA for many years and in particular in California, has decided in turn to take part and relays powerful messages on her Instagram.

The bad news that is creating new waves is that the Republican governor of Oklahoma, in the southern United States, announced that he had signed a law on Tuesday, May 3, banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. One of the most restrictive in the country, at a time when the Supreme Court is preparing to reconsider this right at the federal level.

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