In Antibes, four starred chefs are organizing an evening in support of Ukraine… And you can still book

Their inexhaustible energy pushes them today to meet, in a real dining room this time, to offer next Thursday, May 19 an eight-handed dinner in the starred establishment. The Holy Spirit Fig Treeon the ramparts.

Christian Morisset for the langoustine caviar starter, Jérôme Clavel for the John Dory artichoke fish dish, Yves Terillon for the Viennese lamb fillet meat with chin lemon with, icing on the cake, a Christian Cottard-style Pavlova with strawberries, rhubarb and fennel…

For the Red Cross and Ukraine

A menu served in six courses for the price of 500 euros, with a charitable intention since 40% of the receipts will be donated to the Red Cross for Ukraine. Yves Terillon of La cuisine des fleurs specifies: “We hope to be able to reach 35 reservations! Each person who buys a menu will be able to invite five friends to the aperitif cocktail which will be served on the privatized curtain wall, on the ramparts. We hope to have people for this great action!”

Thursday, May 19 at the restaurant Le Figuier De Saint-Esprit, 14 Rue du Saint-Esprit in Antibes. To book: 04 26 85 37 93

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